“Being Frank” about Turbo-charging….

The turbocharged trend within drag racing continues to gather steam.  As race teams continue their educations and technology advances turbo cars are becoming more of the norm versus a rarity…..

Canada is home to a number of very fast progressing drag racing teams that have chosen the turbocharged route to the future.   One of the most impressive for sure is Fred DeJonge’s Ontario-based group who are taking a Chevy Cobalt to new heights this season.

During the last off season, car owner DeJonge along with his driver Frank Goddard decided to make a change.  They converted a nitrous-injected engine program in their Top Sportsman Chevy Cobalt to a 632 CID twin turbo application.   To say that change has been already impressive — would probably be an understatement.

Fred DeJonge (right) and his talented team are the newest Canadian turbo terrors!

“We decided to go with a turbo-charger at the end of last season,” revealed Frank Goddard, who is from Guelph.  “Our whole team was intrigued with the technology of EFI and boost and then controlling the tune-up with a computer.  We also saw a lot of potential to make smoother horsepower – which in the end is a lot easier on parts even at higher horsepower levels.”

During 2011, DeJonge’s team, which also includes Frank’s brother Wes (another reputed Canadian racer) have been 100% focused on dialing their car in within Eastern Canada’s Napa Q32 Top Sportsman series.  They have in fact qualified #1 at two of the three races they have entered, running a best of 6.796 secs and 212.56 mph – so far.

“We are making good progress but are having our struggles,” added Fred DeJonge.  “There is still a lot for us to learn about this conversion.  We are now dealing with a ton more horsepower.  If fact, at low boost (23 lbs) our engine made more HP then our dyno could handle.”

Check out the wickedly cool "zoom" exhaust collection!

The team runs an 88 mm Precision twin-turbocharger with a billet wheel pump to the intercooler.  The very creative car is equipped with two different ice boxes — one each to help control temperature for the intercooler and the car’s automatic transmission.  The car is out-fitted with some wickedly cool very high profile zoom exhaust collectors.

“Our main plans for 2011 are to continue to take baby steps and try to improve every time out,” Frank continued.  “We are trying to clamp down on the power we now have available.  We are really not bracket racers, or worried about series points.  Our focus is to step on it and make the car go real quick with some big MPH.”

Thus Canadian drag racing fans can very well expect to see this car get quicker and faster with each outing.   Elapsed times in the very low 6-secs zone and terminal speeds in excess of 220 mph are certainly achievable and probably likely.

Very low sixes and 220+ mph are in the cards for the Dejonge Racing Turbo-Cobalt

The team was also quick to cite that Ontario’s Napa Q32 series circuit is a perfect fit for them.

“They have great track preparation, safety and a professional racing atmosphere that goes with it,” Frank added.

Fans can see the team in action back there again soon, during the imminent up-coming events at Grand Bend Motorplex (Sep. 3-5th) and Cayuga Dragway (Sep. 9-11th).

Bruce Biegler Photos