10th Anniversary OSCA Season — In High Gear!

Story and Photos by: Mark Ackert

Many organizations fail to reach their 10 year anniversary.  It takes so much time and effort that the weak don’t stand a chance.  When your customers become friends, you know you have succeeded.  Entering its 10th year of operation, the Ontario Street Car Association has been called a family more often then a racing organization.  Race #2 of the 2010 was recently held at Toronto Motorsports Park where a large number the OSCA’s faithful racers came out to dance in hopes of taking home the “Big Cheque”.

Dan Marvin was having an excellent weekend qualifying #1 in 10.90.  A hard launch on Sunday however sheered off the wheels studs on the right side rear wheel putting an end to his weekend of racing.  Marvin experienced a fire at race #1 in Grandbend but had things back together proving his dedication to the OSCA.  Having not missed an OSCA points race since its inception of the index classes in 2002, the Buffalo, NY based racer who calls TMP his home track will be back for more fun July 17-18 for the OSCA’s Summer Sizzler.  

Final Round Winners OSCA Race #2 – Toronto Motorsports Park

Super Street Winner:  Tony Presto  4.75 @ 157 mph  (1/8th mile)

EZ Street Winner:  Noel Borg  7.88 @ 180mph

Pro Stock Winner:  Butch Kemp   8.40 @ 160mph

8.90 Winner: Brian Beaven    9.05 @ 151mph

9.90 Winner: Steve Price –     9.96 @ 132mph

10.90 Winner: Bryan Tenvelo 10.97 @ 114mph

11.90 Winner: Dan Pepper    11.97 @ 109mph

 12.90 Winner: Christina Stein   2.96 @ 103mph

  Open Comp Winner :  Matt Stoangi          

  Pro Comp Winner- Chris Lozon