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Canadian Vapor Tales! 

DragRaceCanada’s latest off season feature to our Lucas Oil Hotzone comes from the outer fringes of drag racing….. (continue reading…)

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Two Months Out — Heads Up!

An early preview for the marquee Canadian off season attraction — largest Custom Car Show for Canada — coming soon to Toronto… (continue reading…)

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Some Import(ant) Initiatives!

Ontario-based SplitFire Performance has evolved into one of the most forceful teams within Canada’s Import Drag Racing scene…. (continue reading…)

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Loud Music Loud Cars – Prime Time!

DragRaceCanada continues it’s dedicated connection between fast action and fast music…… (continue reading…)

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New Years Coverage Kickoff

DragRaceCanada kicks off some 2019 major race event coverage with recent results from “down under”…. (continue reading…)

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