Nitro Nationals Innuendo

While the rumor mill has always been a rather unreliable source – I do like the chances for Canadian drag racing fans this coming summer…..

It seems that there is now a strong likelihood that a couple of very big named “Brothers” may well be a feature attraction at Cayuga’s highly anticipated  2nd Annual Canadian Nitro Nationals this coming July (1-2-3). 

This possibility comes from a very trusted source. 

If things continue to roll the way they are presently — these famous “Brothers”,  each of who have NHRA World Championship Funny Car crowns to their credit, will be part of the rather significant 8-car fuel show (4 FC & 4 TF) scheduled over that weekend.

DragRaceCanada hopes to have final confirmation in the not too distant future….!?

Strong rumours have some big name NHRA FC stars "cruzing" to Canada in July?