A popular Ontario racing family endured truly more then their fair share of carnage during Cayuga Dragway’s Canadian Street Car Nationals this weekend…

The first round of eliminations for the 2015 Canadian Street Car Nationals on Sunday — really did open with a bang!  In the very first pairing following the national anthem — Suzy Stevens (from Queensville ON) had some very hard luck when her spectacular and newly built EZ Street Camaro went out of control after breaking right off the starting line.   After a few anxious moments – thankfully she emerged OK – however her machine was severely damaged.

Incredibly — that was not the first incident for the racing family this weekend!  On the previous day,  her husband Wade Stevens rode out a very wild top end venture driving his Outlaw 10.5 Firebird when a manifold exploded in the lights which let up his car like a fuel FC.   The quick reaction safety crew from Cayuga Dragway was instantly on the scene for that incident too.  Regrettably though — Wade’s Firebird also experienced heavy damage.

Here is just part of the sequence from Suzy’s thing.




Wade consoles Suzy after her wild ride today.

Wade consoles Suzy after her wild ride today.


DragRaceCanada has posted additional photos from both the Canadian Street Car Nationals and the Stratford Spectacular major events which both happened this weekend — to view – Click:  HERE

Sequence photos by:  Bruce Biegler