ADRL Makes zMax Dragway Debut  

Shannon“Iceman” Jenkins has been a staple at the American Drag Racing League’s (ADRL) prestigious Dragstock race, first appearing at the event in 2005.  At the 9th rendition of the race (last weekend) — Jenkins delivered another trademark performance….

During the ADRL’s first appearance at fabulous zMAX Dragway (Concord NC), Jenkins won for the first time in 2012 prevailing in the Pro Nitrous category.  He ran low ET of the event in the final round running 3.87 secs at 194.02 mph to beat Doug Riesterer for the title.

"The Iceman" Shannon Jenkins

“It’s a great feeling to win here and it’s great to see the sport healthy,” Jenkins said. “Racing at a track like this and being fortunate enough to win it is the greatest feeling you can ever have.” 

Other winners included Tim Tindle (Pro Extreme), Brad Brand (M/T Thompson Extreme 10.5), Eric McKinney (Pro Extreme Motorcycle), Cary Goforth (Extreme Pro Stock), Mike Janis (Aeromotive Fuel Systems Pro Modified) and Ronnie Davis (Summit Racing Equipment Top Sportsman).

The memorable finals wrapped up an incredible ADRL debut at zMAX Dragway, as fans flocked to the state-of-the-art facility and racers praised zMAX at the latest and one of the greatest Dragstock events.
Tim Tindle’s first ADRL win couldn’t have happened at a much better location, as his Jeffers Pro Cars Corvette went 3.647 at 208.36 mph to beat Quain Stott. The blower blew off  Tindle’s car before the finish line, but it couldn’t stop a weekend-best pass and winner’s circle celebration.

“What more could you ask for? It’s a big race and to get that first win here is amazing. This is the place you would want to do it,” Tindle said.  

Tim Tindle (near lane) won a final round battle of Corvettes in P/X

New York’s Mike Janis picked the perfect time to run his best time of the event,  going 3.895 at 193.28 mph to beat first-time finalist Dave Roemer in the Aeromotive Fuel Systems Pro Modified feature.   It was an especially satisfying win for Janis, who recovered after an early-season crash to win for the second time in his ADRL career.  “It was so consistent this weekend. It was like the car was on a string. We knew we had a good car; it was just a matter of getting some breaks. Getting a win here, it’s one of the biggest I’ve had,” Janis said. 

Cary Goforth and his Jerry Haas Race Cars GXP got better in every round of eliminations, and was at his best in the Extreme Pro Stock finals, winning for the second time in 2012 by going 4.108 at 176.49 mph to beat Richie Stevens Jr. and his 4.16.

It was a huge win for the points leader, as Goforth put some space between him and Stevens, who is second in points.

Cary Goforth extened his XPS lead when he beat Richie Stevens in the final round

With a PXM final that lived up to its billing, Eric McKinney inched past Casey Stemper in a thriller, running 4.083 at 176.56 mph to beat Stemper for the first time in the finals this year after two previous defeats. That was a battle of the top two riders in the points race and McKinney’s win was his 4th of 2012.

Posted by:  Josh Hachat

Photos by:  Roger Richards  

Event Essentials: ADRL Dragstock IX (August 3-4th, 2012) Concord, NC  

 Pro Extreme  P/X        
 Win: Tim Tindle 3.647 208.36 1st
 R/UP: Quain Stott 3.990 182.58  
 Low ET: Tim Tindle 3.647    
Top Speed: Frankie Taylor   209.01  
 Bump Spot (16-cars):   3.860    
 Pro Nitrous  P/N          
 Win: Shannon Jenkins 3.870 194.02 11th
 R/UP: Doug Riesterer 4.231 148.99  
 Low ET: Shannon Jenkins 3.870    
 Top Speed: Robert Mathis   196.50  
Bump Spot (16-cars):   4.068    
Pro Modified (P/M)         
Win: Mike Janis 3.895 192.38  
R/UP: Dave Roemer 4.469 152.97  
Low ET: Adam Flamholc 3.891    
Top Speed: Pete Farber   198.93  
Bump Spot (8-cars):   4.008    
Extreme Pro Stock Winner: CaryGoforth 4.108 176.49  
Pro Extreme M/C Winner: Eric McKinney 4.083 176.56  
Extreme 10.5 Winner: Brad Brand 4.069 195.28  
Top Sportsman Winner: Ronnie Davis 4.085 162.98  
Super Car Showdown Winner: Bo Butner 5.782 121.31  

The Pro Nitrous final round at Dragstock IX

 The eighth race on the 10-race 2012 ADRL Tour takes place on Sept. 7-8 with the Memphis Drags III at Memphis International Raceway