ADRL to Introduce First EFI Pro Stockers
In an important development for drag racing — the American Drag Racing League (ADRL) has announced that it will allow electronic fuel injection (EFI) on all XPS (Extreme Pro Stock) class cars starting in the 2012 season….
The 2012 ADRL Tour starts on March 30-31 with Dragpalooza VIII at Royal Purple Raceway in Houston, the first of 10 events on the 2012 ADRL schedule.
With the ruling, the ADRL becomes the first major drag racing sanctioning body to allow EFI to be used in any Pro Stock car. The milestone announcement will add further excitement to the Extreme Pro Stock class, which had record-breaking fields and performances during the 2011 ADRL season. With tremendous side-by-side racing in the innovative class, XPS was also arguably the most competitive class in the ADRL in 2011.
Manufacturers wishing to have their EFI Controllers in the world’s premier eighth-mile drag racing league will have to first submit them to the ADRL for approval prior to them being allowed to be used at any ADRL event.
“This is a very exciting move for the ADRL and a monumental move in the world of naturally-aspirated classes. This major announcement also furthers the notion that the ADRL continues to embrace technology to provide the best entertainment and racing possible for competitors and fans,” ADRL Director of Technical Services Chris Bell said.
“The Extreme Pro Stock class has consistently provided some of the best side-by-side racing action since the class was added in the ADRL and coming off a spectacular season in 2011, allowing electronic fuel injection in 2012 will take this great class to another level.”
The full set of 2012 rules can be downloaded at or by clicking on the “2012 Rules and Regulations” dropdown under the “Competition” tab on the ADRL homepage, The individual PDF version of the Extreme Pro Stock class is also available for download on the Rules page.
For further information or if there are questions regarding the EFI announcement or the 2012 ADRL Rulebook, competitors are encouraged to call the ADRL offices at 1-855-277-ADRL (2375), e-mail ADRL Director of Technical Services Chris Bell at or ADRL Director of Competition Tom Grooms at  

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Bruce Biegler Photo