Castrol Raceway’s recent Mopar Rocky Mountain Nationals included some very long distance participation….

The Edmonton event’s fast motorcycle racing program had an unexpected name with that entry list including, Leith Darrach, from Australia.

Darrach, who is team leader and instructor for the Automotive and Civil School of Trades at the Charles Darwin University in Perth, made the appearance as part of a special Canadian racing tour this summer. Leith has been a participant within some Western Canadian CMDRA circuit racing this summer touring with one of that series’ star riders Ethan Barkley and his EB Speed racing team.

Leith Darrach (from Perth Australia) raced at the recent Mopar Rocky Mountain Nationals event at Edmonton.

Darrach revealed that he was originally from Canada living in both PEI and Alberta before leaving to permanently reside in Australia 17 years ago. Prior to that he did have experience in drag racing in Canada – racing motorcycles during the 1990’s in Western Canada.

“Our company in Australia has a nice long service vacation policy,” Leith revealed. “They give you 3 months of annual paid leave and will pay to send you anywhere you want. Because I still have friends and family in Calgary – I decided on the option to bring my Bike over and go on tour. It’s really a once in a lifetime experience and I get a chance to race against some of the very best and baddest in Canada.”

Leith guides a turbocharged Suzuki Hayabusa which he races frequently back home in Australia within ANDRA’s Pro Street Motorcycle rules mostly at the Perth Motorplex. That motorcycle, which has seen some significant evolution over the years, did require some additional modifications in order to be legal for within Canadian motorcycle drag racing.

“There were some differences within the classes between the two countries which we had to address,” he revealed. “Mostly around the fuel tank and headlights. The biggest adjustment was moving over to a DOT tire — we run slicks only back in Australia.”

Leith is using this Canadian racing experience this summer to continue to hone his craft and improve his bike’s overall performance. To date his best time is a 8.3 secs ET at 175 mph – but he is convinced there is much more “in his tank”.

“It’s a constant to try to move forward and always go as fast as I can,” he added. “My goal remains seeking the 7-secs zone with my motorcycle.”

Race fans can see Darrach continue that quest at some additional CMDRA events this summer – before he heads back “down under”.

Post and photos by Bruce Biegler