Another Threshold Broken for Bakx Racing!

Canada is very privileged to have some absolutely premium grade Top Alcohol racers.  But I think even our most famous name racers like a Ken Perry, Shawn Cowie, or Doug Doucette (to name just three of many) have to be glancing over their shoulders at Manitoba’s rampaging Bakx Racing operation….

That very point was exemplified just last weekend when Winnipeg’s Gord Gingles roared to victory in Top Alcohol Dragster during the marquee Lucas Oil NHRA Nationals held at Brainerd International Raceway in Minnesota.  The win was the first ever NHRA national event win for Gingles and capped off a truly tremendous weekend for what was at BIR, a formidable multi-car racing team.

Gingles who first made a name for himself just last year by winning the NHRA Lucas Oil Central Region TAD championship in pretty much a rout, faced off and then upset the biggest fish in the sea in the final at BIR, reigning national champ Jim Whiteley.

Manitoba's Bakx Racing delivered a very convincing win in TAD at NHRA Brainerd last weekend

Manitoba’s Bakx Racing delivered a very convincing win in TAD at NHRA Brainerd last weekend

In that final, Gingles left with a .030-second lead and crossed the finish line first by the same amount when both drivers ran almost identical e.t.s – 5.313 secs for Gingles and 5.314 secs for Whiteley.

Prior to that Gingles had wheeled his “The Bull II” injected nitro car past some other pre-race favourites including many-time national event champion Marty Thacker and Randy Meyer.

Gord’s victory came in just his 4th career NHRA national event level start — another thing that is just not supposed to happen within the brutally tough Lucas Oil TAD class category.

“That was indeed a storybook weekend for us,” Gord admitted.  “We qualified almost on top (#2) ran our best number ever (5.283 secs) then won a tight final round against the World Champion — Unbelievable!”

Gord Gingles gave Canada's it's 2nd consecutive national event win in the TAD category

Gord Gingles drove his team’s Monden-chassis dragster to victory. It was Canada’s 2nd consecutive national event win in NHRA’s TAD category.

“You could say I was a little nervous going to the final against the number one car in the world,” added Gord.  “But as I was backing up from the burnout — I saw our crew man Todd dressed in a wacky little bull suit .  The anxiety disappeared — I was way too busy chuckling.”

The Brainerd race was also a very eventful one for team owner Clif Bakx (Grunthal, MB) who in fact made his debut in national event competition as a driver too — wheeling a 2nd and also injected nitro car – “The Bull 1”.

Clif qualified #10 with a 5.490 secs but lost out on a red-light to Thacker in round #1.

But by event’s end Bakx took that personal result in stride and it was certainly more all about the big picture for he and his fast rising racing team.

“I don’t intend on ever running two A/Fuel cars — one car is to sell this winter,” Clif clarified.  “I saddled up for this race as it was close to home, and just because it’s really cool going 270 mph again.”

Team owner Clif Bakx made his national event debut driving his Uyehara-chassis dragster.

Team owner Clif Bakx made his national event debut driving his Uyehara-chassis dragster.

“This past weekend’s success confirms how I’ve felt all along – it’s all about people,” Clif added “People that have helped in setting up & teaching me how to understand & tune these nitro monsters like — Doug Doucette, Ken Murray, Les Davenport & Larry Miersch.  All the fellow racers that I have befriended over the years, that not only have offered help / parts / tools, but have proven time & time again that this sport / class is full of genuine great people. The list is long, but you know who you are, and I thank you dearly.”

The team had a very big crew with them that weekend in support of the two cars.

That list of contributors included Rob Schultz, Todd (little bull) Bruce, John Vermeer, Paul (Yogi) Gagnon, Grant Pozernick, David Bakx, Ernie Lepinski and Jimmy Scott, as well as wives, brothers, and friends.

The team also offered very special thanks to the Doucette crew, Dean Dubbin, Leon & David Oenes, Randy Meyer, Randy & Jared Dreher, Richard & Shirley Putz, Dave Hirata, Ron & Shawn Cowie, & Greg Hunter.  Behind the scenes Clif and Gord also cited the support of the many people who helped and worked with building the parts & components needed to race including; Mike @ Rage Pumps , John @ Bullet Cams, Sebastian @ JE, Robert Rheel, JR @ RBS, Roger @ Crower, Jeremy @ BAE, Rob Moore, Mike Magiera, Todd Paton, Dave Leahy, Mark @ Goodyear, Noel Manton, Bob Automan, Joe Monden.

“Our ride may not necessarily have the ‘latest & greatest’ parts & pieces,” Clif summed up,” But we have greatest people behind it, and it’s that which I know won us our first National event Wally.”

Lots of "Bull" in victory lane during NHRA's Lucas Oil Nationals.

There was lots of “Bull” in victory lane during NHRA’s Lucas Oil Nationals.

 Posting by:  Bruce Biegler

Photos by:  Jim Kampmann