Street car drag racing in Ontario will take on a new dimension this season….

Loosely patterned after a popular cable TV show in the U.S. (Oklahoma Street Racers), a Canadian version of that is being organized by Paul Norris who is from Midland Ontario.

The Ontario Street Outlaws concept first began in 2015 and plans for 2016 season include four events hosted between St. Thomas Dragway, Grand Bend Motorplex and Cayuga Dragway.


In each of these events two categories of competition for fast street cars will be offered — divided according to some basic rules. Racers in each of these two classes also represent different areas of the province of Ontario – determined by area codes – specifically:  905 – 705 – 416 – 613 & 519.

In the first category the race car must be street legal with valid plates and insurance and must pass a track safety check. Machines here can be capable of low 8-secs elapsed times and ranging up to and including 14 second cars.

A second category for unlimited cars is also contested. These are basically street cars that are not legal for the street because of restrictive regulations. Cars in that class can be capable of low 7-secs elapsed times.


According to Norris – there are already over 100 racers registered for Ontario Street Outlaws membership so far.

“Basically I just wanted to put something together that would bring racers and spectators back to the track that is simple and people can enjoy,” Paul Norris explained. “The events will see racers compete within both their own area code and also within a mix of area codes. Right now the whole thing is about having bragging rights within your own territory (area code) and also provincially. We don’t have a points system but we will declare an overall winner for each area code at the end of the year.”

For his initial season of racing there is not a racer’s purse to work with however that department is “work in progress” according to Norris.

“I have gotten some sponsors involved this year to be a part of this,” he revealed. “But instead of them investing money in the events themselves I have instead been distributing membership cards to the racers and they can use those for discounts on services and products with those sponsors.  That’s a starting point and we are going to see how things go this year.  Member participation will be the key to the future.”


For more information and developments on the series you can check out their Facebook page:  HERE

Posted by: Bruce Biegler