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“McKellar Mopar” Passion Project 

During the 2019 drag racing season – an Ontario-based driver did carve himself out a bit of Canadian drag racing notoriety…. (continue reading…)

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Far Northern Ford Fanatics!

We cannot help but admire the deep dedication to drag racing that lives and breathes in far north Alberta….. (continue reading…)

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(Photos From) A Land Down Under!

Link to the latest photo gallery offering from LMLCMedia …. from our current international trip….

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Ancestral Racing Reach!

Alberta-based Funny Car team owners David and Edna Brant add an innovative spin to their drag racing program…. (continue reading…)

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Jet Trip to Mexico 

When the seasons change in Canada — it is not uncommon at all for Canadians to head for warmer weather — including beautiful Mexico…. (continue reading…)

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Napierville Notoriety!

It really was to the “top of the world” for a Quebec-based drag racer last weekend!…. (continue reading…)

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Paton Racing — Post Season Positives!

The 2019 drag racing season was most certainly a year of change for Todd Paton and the Paton Racing Top Fuel team… (continue reading…)

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La Belle Province Bullet!

Quebec’s Beaulieu Performance continues on with their reputation for being one of Canada’s most creative drag racing teams…. (continue reading…)

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Nostalgia Nitro Racing Rumblings!

Check out the most recent feature posted to our co-production all Nitro Funny Car racing site… (continue reading…)

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“Team Cream” Season Review 

A post season release from highly reputed Alberta-based X275 class racer – Neil Richards…. (continue reading…)

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