The Can-Am BFR Pro Mod racing team were rewarded with career quick times during last weekend’s “Shakedown at the Summit” event in Ohio….

Jim Bell worked extra hard to repeat his 2014 win in the Pro Mod class at the Shakedown at the Summit race on September 18-20, 2015 at Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk, Ohio but it was not meant to be.

Pro Mod qualifying for the event began on Friday evening, and Bell put in a great pass with his Pro Line Racing 481X-powered 1969 Chevrolet Camaro which was boosted by a set of Precision 94mm turbos. Bell’s 5.918 at 235.23 mph run put him in second in the field twenty contenders, and he was feeling confident enough in his ability to stay on top that he decided to forego the second round of qualifying that night in favor of trying to win the “Money Shot” specialty race.

The “Money Shot” challenge offered up a $5,000 prize to the quickest car on the property in the quarter-mile. Racers could choose to make a pass in place of a regular qualifying run in hopes of scoring the payout. Bell opted in to the special event, and his 5.881 at 241.15 mph pass was not only a new personal best, but it also put him in the lead for the big money win. In Q3 on Saturday night, Bell was ousted first by Kevin Fiscus with a 5.81 at a 257 mph pass, and then by the eventual winner John Stanley who took the cash with a 5.72 at 233.96 mph run.

Teammate Kevin Fiscus missed out on round one of qualifying due to transmission problems, but put down a great 5.873 at 257.68 mph run in the second round with his PLR 481X-powered 2012 Ford Mustang. For the third and final qualifying round, Bell shook hard and pedaled it. His Q1 5.918 remained his best qualifying pass and he wound up seventh overall. Fiscus’s Q2 pass was also his best effort of the weekend, and he was ranked fifth.

Moving into eliminations, the two Bell/Fiscus Racing drivers couldn’t have been happier with how well their cars were running. The good passes kept on coming, and Bell got the win in the first round of eliminations against Jason White. Fiscus not only picked up a win against Jim Bersani as well, but also ran a new personal best of 5.707 at 264.08 mph with his twin Precision 98mm turbos. Unfortunately, Bell threw away his chance at being a repeat Shakedown winner when he red lit against Derek Hawker in round two. Fiscus laid down an astonishingly quick 5.669 at 263.62 mph run to get the win against Bill Lutz and improved his personal best yet again. Round three of eliminations had Fiscus matched up with Steven Summers, the number one qualifier. Fiscus held the lead to the 660-foot mark, but suddenly his intake burst, the top went flying into the air, and Summers was able to get by him. The team and its fans were hugely disappointed as Kevin towed his wounded Mustang back to the pits with the top of the intake missing and the newly repaired front end having a gaping hole in it.


Based on the numbers and consistent performances, both Bell and Fiscus had been top contenders to get the win, but things didn’t pan out for them. “The Summit Motorsports Park team puts on a great event and the track prep was as good as it gets thanks to Kurt Johnson and his team. We will be back next year for sure,” said Bell.

Both Bell and Fiscus will be competing in the Pro Boost class at the PDRA Brian Olson Memorial World Finals season championship race at Virginia Motorsport Park in Richmond, Virginia on October 22-24, 2015.

Posted by Ainsley Jacobs

Photos by Brennan Shortall