One of the most recognized driver names for Canadian drag racing has been sighted back in action this summer…..

Carl “Big Dog” Spiering, one of the most successful Pro Mod class drag racers ever to emerge from Canada, has jumped back into a cockpit – albeit not a Pro Mod class car.

Within Eastern Canada’s new Napa Ultimate Showdown Drag Racing Series this season, Carl has been making some noise within the Top Dragster class category, doing some racing in conjunction with the Shakespeare Ontario-based father and son racing team of Dan and Travis Gueguen. That team is evolving into a 2-car operation and Spiering, along with his ERD company, is playing an intimate role in that process.

Carl took over the initial controls of the team’s new supercharged Mike Bos-built and ERD-powered Top Dragster, which the Guegeun’s are adding to their team equation.

Carl "Big Dog" Spiering has been racing this supercharged TD on a limited basis this summer

Carl “Big Dog” Spiering has been racing this supercharged TD on a limited basis this summer

“Actually this was a car that I had originally built for my daughters (Lisa & Monica) to race,” Carl explained. “But they are now both so busy with their careers and lives – there isn’t any time to go racing. So I sold the car to Dan. That plan was for them to run 2 cars and I would drive this at the three USDRS events. Eventually Travis will move into the blown car – so my involvement is to help get all that up and running so that there will be less of a learning curve for the team when Travis slides into it.”

Dan and Travis Gueguen also race this potent nitrous-injected TD

Dan and Travis Gueguen also race this potent nitrous-injected TD

Using one of Carl’s reputed ERD motors — the Top Dragster has been hitting 6.4’s with regularity and the team has established a goal of consistent mid-6.3 secs time slips.

“Dan and Travis want to eventually compete more regularly within the NHRA Divisional Top Dragster scene,” Carl revealed. “But to do that they have to be fast and have a good racing package. My involvement is to help with some of that leg work.”

The Top Dragster rides this summer in fact mark the first time that Carl has been down a drag strip (in competition) since vacating his very popular Eaton Cutler Hammer Pro Mod Corvette operation back in 2009. So the question was posed — is he motivated to do more of this again?

“I don’t want to go race in Pro Mod again – but I do have a bucket list item,” he revealed. “I’ll turn 51 this year and I would like to licence in a Top Fuel car and compete in at least one event. It would not be a new career choice — it’s just something I need to do. Ike Maier (Top Fuel driver for John LaPorte) and I are chums and he’s been an influence too about the idea. I’m going to make some decisions soon – and see what might happen for next year?”


Carl’s “bucket list” includes two key words: Top Fuel!

In the meantime Spiering’s very successful business’ (based from Jordan Station Ontario) remain exactly that – very busy. His time is mostly dedicated to his Trailer Shop (which was first established in 1987) and to his ERD engine building facility from which motors have evolved into arguably the preferred choice for Dirt and Modified circuit racers.

“We still do lots in drag racing but simply put – in our area — we’ve developed a dominate race package for Sprint 360, Dirt 358 and Dirt Big Block applications,” Carl affirmed. “We have a huge customer presence over there and that demands a lot of my attention.”


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Post and Photos by: Bruce Biegler