Canadian Funny Car Funhouse! 

There are various theories about how best to go drag racing — but Alberta’s Sekura Brothers probably don’t fit any of those pre-conceived molds… 

If you ever wanted to incorporate the word “fun” into a definition for the sport, these guys may be writing the book for that.  The Sekura Brothers (Corey and Ron) have chosen to chart their own very unique course for drag racing.   While maybe not still that well known on a national basis — they are for sure recognized rather infamously within the Western Canadian drag racing scene for both on and off track antics. 

Ron & Corey Sekura

Ron & Corey Sekura

The brothers, who are based from Northern Alberta’s Drayton Valley, have for the last five seasons been running supercharged alcohol Funny Cars within that regions indexed circuits, including the Rocky Mountain Nostalgia Funny Car Association.  The pair who are highly successful auctioneers within both the farm real estate and live stock industry within the province, have both chosen to use drag racing for release from their demanding business duties.  So when they do go racing things do tend to get pretty high octane  — with attractions both on and off the drag strip. 

“We really love drag racing – but to be honest this has to be about having fun – so we do,” said Ron Sekura.  “We are fortunate to have all of our families and friends involved – sisters, nieces, nephews, wives, parents, kids and girlfriends.” 

The Sekuras presently run a pair of ultra cool Chevy bodied Funny Cars, each of which they take turns driving.  One is a 1967 Nova and the other is a 1969 Camaro.  Both cars feature nearly identical engine programs, gearing and chassis set ups, all of which is overseen by team crew chief Don Yurkewich.

Sekura Brothers Chevy Nova

Sekura Brothers Chevy Nova


Sekura Brothers Chevy Camaro

Sekura Brothers Chevy Camaro

“We actually had an old Funny Car sitting in a barn for about 17 years,” Ron revealed.  “It was a ’84 Trans-Am which we acquired in “a deal” and it just sat there for a long time all the while we got busy investing and building our business, making a living and looking out for our families.  Then one day we got to a point where we could afford it so we decided to go out and do this thing.  The first year we took turns driving it but then four years ago we added the 2nd car and have been torturing ourselves (LOL!) ever since.”


Pitside security?

As suggested already – the word “fun” is a top priority for both Ron and Corey when they arrive at the drag strip.   On the track they have built quite a following with both track operators and fan base because of their “mongo” burnouts which regularly go past the finish line and which are seemingly a competition within itself.   In fact within Western Canadian circles — the ¼ mile burnout is now often being recognized as and is being referred to with the words: “doing a Sekura”.

“Yes — always doing big time burnouts is part of our deal,” added Corey Sekura.  “We are really out there to race for the fans so our focus is to always put on a show.  Head to head we are also absolutely competitive.  We want to beat up on each other every time we race and including during the burnout process.  We try to do our burnouts together and we’ve even been known to race each other backwards some times!” 

DragRaceCanada did have to ask the question however.  Given the team’s apparent resources and its growing popularity – what does the future hold for Sekura Brothers Racing? 

“Would we like to go serious alcohol or maybe fuel car racing? – my first response would be no,” Ron clarified. “Both Corey and I are very comfortable doing what we are doing in these cars and keeping this all fun is so important to us.   We have been courted by guys wanting us to step up but I’ve personally seen examples where racing at that level can disintegrate things in a hurry.  So simply put – that and the work involved is not attractive to us.” 

Now if that isn’t refreshingly honest and keeping things real…..BB


Sekura Brothers racing also includes important pit area attractions

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 Photos and posting by:  Bruce Biegler