Canadian Top Fuel Trifecta  

Some evolving news within Canada’s Top Fuel racing scene includes a newly confirmed 3-race event gig for Ike (Oscar) Maier behind the wheel of John Laporte’s operation…

Ike has confirmed he will climb in the cockpit of the Laporte-owned dragster for his next three scheduled NHRA national events — beginning this Friday during the Mac Tools U.S. Nationals at Indy.  Previously plans which had Maier racing at Indy in Barry Paton’s Tim Horton’s car — have been scrapped*.  Ike will also drive John’s car, which is now being tuned and overseen by Jimbo Ermalovich, at Charlotte and Reading later in September and October.

Ike Maier (left) and John Laporte have announced a new 3-race event extension

“The way the teams were evolving in different directions required this change,” said Maier.  “I had to go with what is a better fit for me.  I’m very thankful for the opportunity that Barry ({Paton) gave me.  But now I’m very excited about the possibilities for the rest of 2012.  John has a very good car and he and Jimbo are moving forward with a new supercharger program and clutch assembly.”

Ike is truly pumped about having the opportunity to race at Indy (drag racing’s ultimate annual attraction) for the first time in Top Fuel.   He had driven there previously in the Pro Mod category which included a very memorable “final four” placement at the 2010 event while teamed up with Kirk Silberman.

“This is the ultimate ride for any drag racer – racing Top Fuel at Indy,” he affirmed.  “It will be a great experience to do some laps at such a great event and track.  It will be tough to qualify but we are going to attempt to use our new stuff to try to get into that program.”

John Laporte’s dragster was formally the Matco Tools car driven by Antron Brown

Photos and Posting by Bruce Biegler

*Editors NoteA second component to this story includes some important developments from within the Barry Paton Tim Horton’s camp – DragRaceCanada will post some additional information later this week while we are away at Indy – you can watch for that in the Lucas Oil Hotzone.