Raymond’s Race Car Roundup

We can say with certainty that for within Canada — this Toronto-based racer has driven more Pro Mod cars then anyone else!…….

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You Have Been Warned!

If you dislike Funny Cars and/or Fuel Altereds you should NOT view this link!!!…..

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Fotos From Florida!

LMLCMedia presents an early season taste of things to come for this drag racing season….

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Cool & Coming

Where there is Smoke …. there is Fire!……a preview to some more significance coming for Ontario’s new drag racing season….

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Some Shop Shots…

A little sneak preview to just some of the interesting things to come within Canadian drag racing — in the not too distant future……. (continue reading…)

Some More Mayhem!

A continuation of crazy and historical images from drag racing – now posted to our co-production LoudMusicLoudCars site... (continue reading…)

More Crazy from our Crazy World!

We continue to build photo archives content of just some of the “crazy and unexpected” from various drag strips over the years… (continue reading…)

Late Season Canadian Contingent

Despite COVID related USA/Canada border restrictions — there was a significant Canadian racer presence for NHRA’s final season event in Las Vegas… (continue reading…)

Some Emotional Rescue

NHRA’s revelations this week for a new series sponsor and now a 2021 national event schedule could not have come at a better time….. (continue reading…)

“Smackdown” Gallery Posted!

Photo highlights from the RPM Magazine “Smackdown 4” Extreme Outlaw event are now posted to our co-production site…. (continue reading…)

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