Hot Cars/Hot Topics – Spider Series Salute!

A photo highlight “tip of the hat” to all the points champs for the inaugural NHRA Spider Electric Canadian Championship Series…. (continue reading…)

Hot Cars Hot Topics – Labour Day Edition

Some snapshots of recent and rather significant developments within the Canadian drag racing spectrum… (continue reading…)

Hot Cars Hot Topics

A mid-summer edition of some of the latest news and things to watch for soon — within Canadian drag racing….. (continue reading…)

Mid Summer Void Affirmation

We all kinda knew it was coming — but still hoped for the best — but now regrettably it’s official…. (continue reading…)

Sparta Spruce Up!

Canada’s longest running traditional drag strip has entered into a renaissance period….. (continue reading…)

Our Looking Glass to the Other Side

I’ve received some requests…to share my thoughts on what will happen to drag racing post this cursed COVID period…. (continue reading…)

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