Coveted Canadian Consultation!

The reputation for Eastern Canadian “tuning guru” Al Billes has achieved world wide recognition….. (continue reading…)

Western Canadian Wicked!

It’s no joke — this Western Canadian takes his choices for drag racing to the extreme!….. (continue reading…)

Eyes Forward for Racepak Prez!

Nostalgia Nitro Funny Car racing fans can look forward to a unique new team entry coming in 2018….. (continue reading…)

Determination and Destiny!

Some enormous news out of “La Belle Province” has a highly reputed racer poised for some NHRA big league racing next season…. (continue reading…)

USDS 4.0 Season Preview

Ontario’s NAPA Ultimate Showdowns Drag Racing Series has revealed it’s initial plans for the upcoming 2018 drag racing season….. (continue reading…)

Natural Aspirations & Lessons Learned

There is a colourful and educational background story behind a Quebec-based Top Sportsman class car driver… (continue reading…)

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