Hemi Horses @ The Gate

One of drag racing’s single most popular Sportsman racing fan attractions is again on the horizon… (continue reading…)

“Show Me The Money” ( Seriously!)

After what was one of the most creative major Pro Mod format races of all time – it was “chang-ching” for California’s Mike Bowman…  (continue reading…)

VP Racing Fuels Salutes Fletcher’s Milestone!

Some special deserving recognition for Sportsman Ace’s recent 100th NHRA Victory Powered by VP’s C12™….. (continue reading…)

New Appointments for VP RACING FUELS

Industry leader VP Racing Fuels®  has announced some important top management changes…..
(continue reading…)

REVS Full Throttle Renewal

An important associate sponsor has renewed it’s commitment to the Joe’s Transmission TNT Super Series… (continue reading…)

Dodge Extensions into Drag Racing

Some more significant NHRA drag racing involvement from the Dodge brand confirmed….. (continue reading…)

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