From Portugal to Pro Mod!

Dazzling new “door car” continues trend for Canadian drag racer…. (continue reading…)

Canada’s Got Talent!

A Western Canadian rising star racer produces high impact results during a NHRA National level debut….. (continue reading…)

NMCA Muscle on Display!

The recent NMCA M/T All-American Nationals includes another strong Canadian racer performance…. (continue reading…)


Some premium Canadian & American Pro Mod teams make ready for major area clash this weekend….. (continue reading…)

NMCA Circuit Second Score 

Ontario’s Scott Wildgust and the Smokies Garage Drag Racing team prevail in Michigan…. (continue reading…)

Points Leader Prevails!

Canada’s Justin Bond collects another NHRA title for 2023 – prevailing for the weather-deferred New England Nationals title….. (continue reading…)

Some “FuelTech” for Thought!

Stalwart Canadian NHRA Pro Mod driver Justin Bond continues his winning ways for 2023….. (continue reading…)

Superb Season Start!

British Columbia’s Justin Bond makes an early season decisive statement during the first NHRA national event of 2023…. (continue reading…)

Home Run Hitter!

Canada’s Hyde Racing Team emerge very lucrative ($!$!$) champions for one of drag racing’s single most prestigious independent race events…. (continue reading…)

Snowbirds Special!

A special holiday treat of sorts!  A good time to head on over to our co-production site to view another terrific event gallery… (continue reading…)

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