With lots of rumblings and undertones that all doorslammer classes are bursting at the seams with too many ’67, ’68 and ’69 Camaro’s…..Cynergy Composites Inc has been quietly working very hard on its latest masterpiece….their own, unique ’67 Shelby GT 500 doorslammer body…..

The concept rendering, which was created by Stu Wotypka at ID Motorsport Design back in Nov 2010, was done in a vector format, which plots co-ordinates similar to 3D CAD. This allowed the rendering to be drawn to scale (actual wheelbase, overhang, widths, roof height, etc) so that actual cross-section spines could be cut for the master pattern. Cynergy has seen it too many times where a company sends out a great concept rendering (coming soon) and then the finished body looks nothing like it. This body will look exactly as planned….

The team at Cynergy Composites Inc is putting the finishing touches on the master pattern (body plug) and will be starting the detailed molding process very shortly. Now that the industry is accustomed to Ultra-Light bodies as the norm – there can be no short-cuts during the molding process.  The most significant improvements Cynergy has made in its Ultra-Light body development is in the tooling/molds – alignment, sealing, composition (reinforcements & resin) all play a factor in successful molds. This set of molds will be the best to date.

Cynergy will be molding its new horse in August and has already started taking orders —and the list is growing fast…..$1000.00 deposit will secure your spot.

Cynergy Composites bodies are fast becoming a successful tool for the elite racer! 

LIGHTER…STRONGER…FASTER…..CYNERGY COMPOSITES ULTRA LIGHT BODIES….WEIGHT YOUR OPTIONS!….Order the best Carbon Fiber racing components for your race team today…

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