Dynamic Discussion Group

By:  Bruce Biegler

DragRaceCanada would like to help draw attention to the relaunch of www.CanadianDragRacing.net — a highly recommended discussion board for Canadian drag racing news — both past and present….

CanadianDragRacing.net is headed by Rob Potter, the long time and reputed track photographer at Cayuga Dragway who is also now a track announcer there.

“The Canadian Drag Racing Board is a succession to the Yahoo group CanadianDragRacing which was active for over ten years,” said Rob, who is easily one of Canada’s most knowlegable 1/4 mile historians.  “Potential members can register and then discuss Canadian drag racing from the beginning of the sport in this country to the present.”

The new website also showcases some great Canadian drag racing history with well over 25,000 images from the PotterCollection  available for viewing.  

Visit:  www.CanadianDragRacing.net


Rob Potter has relaunched CanadianDragRacing.net