Fuel Injection Future

The Konigshofer Brothers — who have been for many years the “first Family” for Canadian Pro Stock Racing – have re-emerged more prominently on the racing scene during 2014 and there is a lot more to come……

After taking delivery of an all new Jerry Haas-built 2013 Ford Mustang mid-last season and then running it only a couple of times ; the “Brother’s K” – John, Joe and Frank have moved into the fast lane this summer.

Now newly inspired by the IHRA’s welcome announcement that they will be re-establishing a Pro Stock eliminator for all of their events beginning again in 2015 – that was pretty much just what the doctor ordered for the Canadian team’s re-involvement.


“We did run some of the 1/8th mile stuff a bit over the last few seasons and that was just OK,” said driver John Konigshofer. “In my opinion it has to be 1/4 mile for it to be really Professional Pro Stock racing. So when we heard the good news about the IHRA bringing back the class — that was what we were looking for – and I’d like to thank them right now for doing that. If all goes according to plan we’d like to do the full 11-12 race IHRA circuit next season and do our part to give the Canadian fans out there once again a team to cheer for.”

In the meantime the Brothers plan to continue testing and refining their combination while participating at a few more select IHRA races this season – where the class is being contested as a demonstration for the time being. In that vein there is some very significant news too for the team. In IHRA Mountain motor Pro Stock (unlike NHRA Pro Stock) fuel injection is legal and the Konigshofers shift to that technology away for carburators is imminent.

“We’re getting into that right now and we plan to race with FI during the IHRA’s event in Cordova Illinois (July 18-19th),” John continued. “It will be an adjustment for sure – even more tuning of the car with a lap top. But our plans are to be get competitive right away. Fuel injection offers a real performance advantage in these cars – especially on the back half of the race track.”

John has also been particularly impressed overall with his new Mustang, which is (by our count) the team’s 7th Pro Stock Ford within their long and colourful history.

John Konigshofer

John Konigshofer

“This new style Mustang is a lot narrower and aerodynamic,” he added. “Larry Morgan did a lot of the innovation for it and it cuts through the air better allowing you to use even more power. I’ve always said in the past that my previous car was the best — but the tech on this car is – Wow. It’s so incredibility stable on the top end.”

John also confirmed that the team’s engine program too is morphing. They currently run a 825 CID Jon Kaase but that version motor will also be updated soon to the very latest Kaase block and cylinder heads.


When 2015 emerges expectations are that the Konigshofer Brothers will hit the track running with a naturally aspirated car that is fully capable of 6.2 secs elapsed times and 220+ mph terminals speeds — and that’s amazing stuff!

Photos & Posting by Bruce Biegler