Grand Bend Motorplex to present FALL-FAST

Ontario’s Grand Bend Motorplex will present it’s season finale event this coming Sep.27-29th weekend….


What used to be known as Octoberfast is now FALLFAST and like its predecessor, it is the final drag race of the season featuring a FREE Racer Appreciation dinner on Sat evening and big $ payouts on Sunday.(overall wkd payouts exceed $20,000)

Entry for Top Mod Street & Bike/Sled is $145 wkd incld Fri T&T, $135 without T&T, $65 Sat, $75 Sun –  Saturday is regular payouts levels (based on the Top/Mod payout structure since all classes are the same entry fee). Sunday is as follows  Top & Mod $5200 (2000-1000-500-200-50) based on min 60 entries. Street & Bike/Sled $1500 (600-300-150-75) based on min 20 entries. Based on Labour day these should be easily attainable.

Junior will be one class each day – $80 wkd with T&T, $70 w/o T&T, $35 Sat, $40 Sun – Sat payout will be based on regular payout and enhanced if car count warrants, Sun is $385 (150-75-40-20) based on a min 10 entries.

Extreme 32 will be run on Sunday –  $125 entry fee  Guaranteed win money $1000. We will run it like normal; door cars and dragsters split and run each other until one side is down to one and then insert them into the other ladder.

Crew for the wkd $45, $20/day Sat & Sun.

We will be looking to cut the Friday night T&T a little early as we have had requests from some racers to do a golf cart race (they figure if they can’t beat everyone with their cars they might be able to with their carts).  We will also be looking to do the GBM GRAND CHAMPIONSHIP RUNOFF – (Top,Mod,Bike/Sled & Street) either Friday night during T&T if everyone is available or Saturday if they are not.

Everyone in attendance is invited to the GBM Racer Appreciation dinner on Sat night.

Posted by:  Ron Biekx