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Acknowledgement: DragRaceCanada acknowledges the ongoing support of our valued sponsors.  The shared vision that these companies have with regard to the impact and the importance  of what we are doing for drag racing in Canada is both paramount and appreciated.

The "Cars of DragRaceCanada"  Since first conceived back in 1999, DragRaceCanada has been pleased to showcase the best of Canadian drag racing.  Over the years we have been both honored and very proud of the reciprocal support that drag racers everywhere (both Canadian and American) have shown us by displaying various versions of our decals and logo.  

This photo essay is a presentation of just some of the race cars (and drag strips) that have supported us -- and we thank all of you 

Cars of DragRaceCanada
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Editors Note:  If you would like to have your car displayed in this gallery -- we would be honored and that's easily done! decals are available through our NitroMoose Store :  Just slap them on and send us your best image!

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