Lesenko’s Wild Ride at Chicago

Edmonton’s Todd Lesenko went for what was probably his wildest ride yet since crossing over to NHRA’s fuel FC category,  during last weekend’s Route 66 Nationals at Chicago… 

Canada's Todd Lesenko drove the great looking new Jim Dunn Racing Grime Boss FC at Chicago

Todd was driving for the first time what is now the Jim Dunn Racing Dodge Stratus which was outfitted with a cool new theme recognizing new sponsorship from Grime Boss.  The revamped car was certainly a new “animal” at the event.

Todd Lesenko with Grime Boss VP Keith McQuaid

Following a really nice public unveiling on the starting line  just before the 1st qualifying session on Friday that included Grime Boss’s VP Keith McQuaid — the team entered Saturday’s qualifying rounds on the provisional list.

That third qualifier was a real “doozy” as they say.   The car left very hard and was on a very fast lap to half track  — with the team’s overall best incremental times of the meet at that point as benefits from the team’s new Dodge Stratus body  started to show. 

That improved down force  helped to load the motor and increase the overall horsepower being applied to the ground.   Then in a rather amazing split second the car went into a very wild power stand at near ¾ track. On post race examination the computer data showed the car’s front wheels went skyward at an estimated 240 mph and did not come back down until the car was running 275 mph!

The problem was then when Todd was forced to back off the throttle to bring the car back to earth — it slammed down so hard and it actually broke the chassis!   That forced the team to miss the 4th and final qualifying round on Saturday evening.

After the race the  car chassis was shipped off  for necessary repairs.   It  was anticipated that it will likely require a new front half  — but there are full expectations that Todd Lesenko will be lined up for sure in time for the first qualifying session during  NHRA’s race at Norwalk Ohio which begins tommorrow. 

Race fans are also now encouraged to visit Todd Lesenko’s all new website:  www.NitroFCCanada.com

Posted by:  Bruce Biegler 

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