Posted by: Arnie Malcolm

There is no question that the drag racers of Luskville Dragway and the Benson Auto Parts Tour are famous for their drag racing. But something else they are just as famous for, is Partying and having a good time whether it be following the race day activities or the once a year Awards Banquet, yes what ever this group does they do it well. And that was certainly the case this past Saturday night as close to 150 drivers and crew members partied to all hours of the morning as they celebrated yet another year of racing. The event was once again held at the all new Hampton Inn in Ottawa’s west end and the meal, as we often say was worth the price of admission.

The dinner was followed by opening remarks by Arnie Malcolm, introducing of all advertisers who where present and a brief recap on 2010 summer. Things where then kicked into high gear as far as the awards go, as first racers up was the Jr. Dragster Champions with Jacob Wilson introduced as the 2010 Track Champion. In a year that saw the Jr. class have its very best season ever, Jacob can take great pride in his accomplishments. Of course his father Scott has already begun the building of Jacobs future endeavors in a few years with the purchase of a big car for then.

This was followed by the introduction of Mark Selfridge and Tina Cryderman of Benson Auto Parts who joined Malcolm on stage for the rest of the presentations. The Luskville Dragway Benson Semi Pro winners where introduced (all 15 of them) with Marc Sauvé being the last to come too the stage, as he was the #1 driver in this class for 2010. The last award for the Semi Pro regulars at Luskville Dragway was capped off with the presentation of Rookie of the Year which appropriately went to Mike Devenny. Mike and his family have been such a welcome addition to Luskville Dragway and everyone concurs they are fun to have around.

Super Pro Luskville Dragway top 10 where next too come too the  stage, this group reads like a who’s who of Luskville Dragway top dogs but this night the real top dog was first time Champion Troy Davis. Troy is with out question one of the most popular drivers at the track as well as on the Tour, and winning the championship was applauded by all in attendance. Davis will be back too defend his title in 2011 but not in his familiar Race Tech Dragster as it has been sold, but it will be a dragster that is for sure. Rookie of the year in Super Pro was a tight fought battle between Denis Black and Julie Dube, and when the ballots had all been counted Julie was the 2010 Super Pro Rookie of the year. With the Luskville Track winners all been centered out it was time to bring the Benson Auto Parts Tour Champions too the stage. This was also started out with the Semi Pro Class and this was the only place where a repeat Champion was introduced, Fred Ellis of Southern Ontario as become the number #1 Foot Brake racer in the country with this back to back Championship runs. Super Pro once again had some of the best Bracket Racers in Canada come too the stage before Kyle Jessup was introduced as the 2010 Tour Super Pro Champion.

After that there was only one award left, Driver of the Year, and that like the rookie awards is an award that is voted on by the race teams. As it has for the past many years, it is the one time in the night when the room becomes very quiet, and then Jamie Tupper of Tillisonburg, Ontario was brought to the stage and applauded as the 2010 Driver of the Year. With his back too back wins at the Bracket Bonanza and his deep round runs all season long Tupper was hands down the favorite as the voting showed. Tupper is also instrumental in helping broker deals with advertisers, deals for drivers looking for cars, and lending just about anything he has in his trailer (including race cars) too help out drivers played a big part in his winning of the most sought after award of the year. Following the awards announcements where made on next year, with the most applause coming for the return of Benson Auto Parts and the new pavement at the track. And then the fun begun, as Trashed Taxi’s took too the stage to entertain everyone for the remainder of the night. Following the end of the live band, much more live activities took place in drivers rooms upstairs as the night, which became early morning was capped with some of the wildest bench racing sessions ever.

There is no question that much of the bench racing centered around the repaving, but the all new door/pro garnered some of the headlines also. I think that everyone will agree that most are very excited about 2011, and beyond and that was very evident in the atmosphere that protruded from the banquet gathering.