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Canada’s strong propensity for producing promising up-and-coming racing talents continues.  Eastern Canada’s thriving Napa-sponsored Quick 32 series is at the center of that whirlpool with one of it’s youngest drivers, Brody Van DeGeld, being a perfect example….. 

Cambridge is homebase to the new LowDown Hot Rods Top Dragster

At age 19, Brody Van DeGeld, is son to Tom Van DeGeld, the founder and master craftsman behind highly respected LowDown Hot Rods (Cambridge Ontario).   Like a number of other emerging racers within the series, Brody too is a Junior Dragster class graduate. 

New for 2012, Brody and his father, along with wily Canadian drag racer Joe Boniferro, are fielding a terrific new 250 inch Dan Page-built dragster.

Tom, Joe Boniferro and Brody Van DeGeld

 “This car has been about a year in the making,” Tom revealed.  “After we got it we did a lot of updates, added a new wing and motor program and made the car very safe.”

 The car features a 706 CID motor program originally from Pat Musi.  The team runs two stages of nitrous and with that combo has already run in the 6.7 secs zone at over 200 mph.

 Joe Boniferro, from Niagara Falls, has been brought into the mix because of his vast experience running both supercharged and normally aspirated cars for many seasons in Southern Ontario.  Between his daily stints building superb hot rods and custom cars, Tom had also in previous seasons been a racing partner to Waterloo’s Al Hinds and his Pro Mod Corvette operation.

“Joe has been a great help because this is in fact the first time I’ve ever run a car 100% by myself,”  Tom admitted.  “This car probably has way more motor then we will ever need in this circuit — but it will also most certainly get us where we need to be performance wise.”

The closer racing relationship with his sons is also an important motivating factor for Tom, and his wife Linda.

“It’s pretty special for us to be able to introduce both a new driver and a new car into the mix,” Tom added.  “We  watched our sons grow up and mature racing juniors – so for Brody to be moving into a big car now is pretty exciting.”

Tom and Brody will focus their attention this season on gaining on track experience exclusively within the Eastern Canadian Napa Quick 32 series proving grounds.  They may look towards some NHRA regional Top Dragster class competition in 2013.

“This year it’s all about me getting some seat time and learning how to drive the car properly,” Brody added.  “I just finished my license in May.”

The all new TD team has some 6.7 secs 200+ mph runs to it’s credit already

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Posting and Photos by:  Bruce Biegler