Morgan Builds on Comanding ANDRA TF Points Lead

ANDRA Top Fuel Champs – March 25-26th, 2011  Ipswich QLD

ANDRA Series Name ET MPH  
Top Fuel        
Winner: Darren Morgan 7.500 82.68  
R/UP: Steve Read 16.45 74.13  
Low ET: Paul Lamattina 4.652    
Top Speed: Paul Lamattina   326.71  
Bump Spot:       N/A 5 Cars
Top Bike        
Winner: Chris Matheson 6.337 180.84  
R/UP: Troy McLean 7.466 183.22  
Low ET: Chris Matheson 6.270    
Top Speed: Chris Matheson   197.94  
Bump Spot:   8.497    
Pro Stock Bike        
Winner: Andrew Babcock 7.307 183.92  
R/UP: Locky Ireland 7.728 181.69  
Low ET: Andrew Babcock 7.275    
Top Speed: Andrew Babcock   184.37  
Bump Spot:   8.145    
Sportsman  Winners:        
Competition Craig Geddes 7.822   E/AA
Super Stock Tim Sizmur 9.777    
Super Compact Craig Dyson 6.779   AA/SC
Supercharged Outlaws Matty Watts 7.062    
Modified Andrew Loy 7.716    
Super Sedan Paul Doeblien 9.251    
Super Street Rob Harrington 12.81    
Super Gas Roy Romeo 9.927    
Comp Bike Rowan Lind 8.439    
Mod Bike Denis Ryan 9.229    


Darren Morgan continued his domination of Australia TF racing by winning at Willowbank

Darren Morgan has taken a commanding lead in the chase for the 2011 ANDRA Pro Series Top Fuel title by winning at Australia’s Willowbank Raceway Top Fuel Championships on March 26th.

With Andrew Cowin not making it to the event, Terry Sainty suffering a first round loss and Phil Lamattina a semi-final lose, both courtesy of Morgan, the Victoria-based racer has been able to build a lead in excess of 120 points.

With such a margin, it will be extremely difficult for Lamattina, now in the box seat of championship chaser in second position, to surpass Morgan for the 2010/2011 championship with just two rounds remaining.

“The AEG Powertools Top Fuel dragster ran flawlessly all weekend right up to the final, where we shattered a fuel line and blew off the manifold,” said Morgan.

“My crew, who are all volunteers, did an absolutely outstanding job all weekend, and I am so happy to have won the meeting, be leading the championship with a good margin and to be getting some exposure for our sponsors, for our crew, for Mildura, and for everyone else that has put faith in us.  “The track was outstanding, the best I have raced on in a long time and the conditions we ran in this weekend I think were the best we have had in over 12 months, it was a pleasure all weekend, and it’s a nice birthday present for my wife Nat, who celebrates her birthday on Tuesday!”

Morgan progressed to the final stand tonight after taking on fellow Mildura resident Phil Lamattina in the semi-final after disposing of Terry Sainty .

Also competing for ANDRA Pro Series championship points at Willowbank Raceway this weekend were Top Bike and Pro Stock Motorcycle.

In Top Bike, it came down to the defending champ and title leader Chris Matheson taking on last-round winner and title chaser Troy McLean.

Chris Matheson set both low ET/top speed while winning in Top Bike

The pair faced off each other after Matheson took wins over Alan Herriman and Marc Ryder in the first and semi rounds, while McLean defeated Geoff Redgrave in the semi final after taking the win from Mick Murray in a wheel-standing first round.

In a spirited final, Matheson took the win with a 6.337 second pass at 180.84 miles per hour (291.03 kmh) which allowed him to extend his championship lead over McLean, who punched in a final performance of 7.466 second pass at 183.22mph (294.87 kmh).

In Pro Stock Motorcycle, defending champion Andrew Badcock took on Locky Ireland, with a 7.307 second pass at 183.92 miles per hour (295.99 kmh) seeing him take the spoils over Ireland’s 7.728 second pass at 181.62mph (292.29 kmh).

Pro Stock Bike champion - Andrew Babcock

The ANDRA Pro Series now heads to Sydney for the Nitro Champs (April 29 – May 1st), before heading back to Willowbank Raceway for the season-ending Castrol EDGE Winternrationals on the Queen’s Birthday long weekend (June 10-13).

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