Napa & Ideal Supply Continue Q32 Support

Ontario Quick 32 drag racing series has proven a solid promotional tool for auto parts distributor long involved in the community…

Posted by: Tim Miller
A company does not stay in business for more than 85 years without giving back to the community it serves. While its main purpose is to sell a product, the company also becomes an integral part of the community and functions within the community.
Started it Listowel in 1926, the Ideal Supply Company Limited began as a manufacturer of bread molding machines. It also entered in the furniture and radio component business and by the 1940s was a retailer of hardware and automotive parts.
Ideal Supply grew from five Southwestern Ontario stores in the mid 1960s to today’s number of 28 NAPA Auto Parts locations as part of its Automotive Group. Ideal also has an Electrical Division, which markets electrical components to the commercial and retail trade, and its Automation Group, focused on industrial automation and software.
Through its Automotive Group and association with auto parts retailer NAPA, Ideal Supply has provided the Quick 32 Sportsman Series with support for its competitors since the Series’ inception in 2009, and will continue its support for the upcoming 2011 season.
“We wanted to give back to the motorsports community,” said Tim MacDonald, President and Chief Executive Officer of Ideal Supply. “It is part of our philanthropic nature, and the racing reflects well on us.”
Providing support for the Quick 32 Sportsman Series in drag racing is a main part of Ideal’s philosophy of giving back to the community. It has a long history of community involvement, providing contributions and initiatives to such organizations as the Stratford General Hospital, the Listowel Memorial Hospital, the Goderich Recreational Center, and the Stratford and Perth County Community Foundation. It also is a supporter of the Stratford Shakespeare Festival, and the Blyth and Drayton Festivals.
Through the efforts of Stratford businessman and Quick 32 Sportsman Series competitor Peter Hyde, Ideal Supply and NAPA became involved with the Quick 32 Sportsman Series, and MacDonald said the association has been a good one.
“Peter (Hyde) came to me with a great idea,” mentioned MacDonald. “That’s where it started and the rest fell into place.’
NAPA is one of North America’s premier auto parts enterprises, with 600 stores across Canada. It has long been involved in motorsports, and MacDonald believes Ideal’s involvement with the Quick 32 Sportsman Series is a perfect fit.
“We believe in investing in relations with our business,” he said. “And we align ourselves with organizations with the same values and our customer base. This alignment with the Quick 32 Sportsman Series has been a natural extension.”
Highlighting the six-event 2011 Quick 32 Sportsman Series presented by NAPA will be the popular Stratford Spectacular Hot August Nationals presented by Ideal Supply & NAPA Auto Parts at the Grand Bend Motorplex August 5-7. Once again, through its NAPA Auto Parts stores, Ideal Supply will be distributing free admission tickets for this event.
About Ideal Supply:
Ideal Supply is a distributor of NAPA Auto Parts and Electrical Supplies based in Listowel, Ontario with 27 Branch locations in South Western Ontario.
Founded in Listowel in 1926, Ideal owns the largest network of NAPA Associate Stores in Canada. The company’s machine shops provide engine rebuilding and radiator repairs services, specializing in performance work for the motorsports market.
In 2007 Ideal Supply was recognized as one of “Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies” and re-qualified for this distinction in 2008.
A full directory of Ideal Supply’s products, services and locations visit:
About the Quick 32 Sportsman Series presented by NAPA Auto Parts:
Early in 2009 the Quick 32 Sportsman Series presented by NAPA Auto Parts,, was instituted as an alternative for high-horsepower Sportsman-class teams to compete on a regular basis, and will begin its third season in 2011.
The Quick 32 Sportsman Series will compete at Toronto Motorsports Park in Cayuga, Ontario and the Grand Bend Motorplex in Grand Bend, Ontario this year.
The Series is comprised of 32-car qualified fields of the 16 quickest open wheeled cars (Top Dragster) and the 16 quickest door cars (Top Sportsman), and presents the best in ET-style, dial-in drag racing, competing on a Sportsman ladder. After eliminations in both classes, the final Top Dragster entry and the final Top Sportsman entry pair off to determine the event Champion.
Competitors in this exciting Series must comply with the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) and International Hot Rod Association (IHRA) Safety rules and regulations, with a maximum dial-in of 7.95 seconds for the quarter-mile.
The Series provides $3000 to win for each event and $5000 for the annual Championship Point Award Series Champion, payouts very popular with competitors and will provide large fields of race cars.
The Quick 32 Sportsman Series is committed in providing a professional atmosphere for its teams. It also provides solid media and logistic support, ensuring itself as one of the most popular drag race series running Top Sportsman and Top Dragster race cars.
The Quick 32 Sportsman Series presented by NAPA Auto Parts competes with the Pro Modified Racing Association (PMRA),, and the Pro Bike & Sled Series (PBSS),, offering fans a great show of drag racing.