Nobody Does it Better…!

By:  Bruce Biegler

If there is another drag racing sponsor out there that does a better job while presenting a national event — I’d like to know about it….

The Mopar Mile-High Nationals held each year at Denver’s high altitude Bandimere Speedway now features the longest running primary event sponsor association in all of NHRA Full Throttle Drag Racing history  (22 years and counting!)

Sure, the Mopar brand is a primary sponsor of so we could be perceived as a bit bias — but the truth is really in the pudding.

From their now marqee kick off “Big Block” Party held downtown Golden on Thursday prior to the race, to that ultimate victory in Pro Stock by Allen Johnson at Bandimere Speedway late Sunday afternoon and everywhere in between,  it was evident.   2010 was once again a perfect demonstration of just how great chemistry between a sponsor and track management can produce a truly significant event happening and “hum dinger” of a race.

Many have said that NHRA itself should take a few pages from the relationship manual that Mopar and Bandimere Speedway have scribed.  I would probably not disagree with that.

The Mopar Mile-High Nationals (now 31 years old) truly should be an event stop that is circled on the yearly calendar of drag racing fans everywhere as a “must see”.

We have already posted our 2010 Mopar Mile-High Nationals event results and primary photo gallery in our  National News subsection.   But to truly capture the essence and the flavor of this unique race and venue — we simply needed more.  We have now added a supplimental photo gallery.

You can view that:  HERE