A flurry of February announcements affecting drag racing’s leading edge 1/8th mile circuit….

The PDRA will open for season business in early March. Here is a summary of recent developments affecting that very popular drag racing tour.

Eastside Auto Transport Outlaw 632 Teams and Partners Gear Up for Inaugural Season with PDRA – Chassis Engineering Sponsors Low Qualifier Award

Originating in Florida, the Outlaw 632 class steadily gained support and exposure. After a one-race appearance with the PDRA in 2016, the class was added to the series for four races this year and promises to be a great addition. Eastside Auto Transport joined as class sponsor and now Chassis Engineering has come on board to present the Low Qualifier Award for the class. Clayton Murphy, owner of Chassis Engineering is very excited about the possibilities the class will see running with the PDRA.

“The class has really grown in Florida and I hope to see it grow more throughout the country,” said Murphy. “It’s a really good class. It offers a lot of different variety of cars. It gives some of the older Top Sportsman combinations another place to race. There’s not that many rules, which is really cool. It’s fairly affordable. Any class can get out of hand, but this class is designed to limit the amount it takes to run. You gotta work on your race car harder than anybody else if you want to win and that’s where we come in. We help a lot of customers do that. I’m really excited about that.”

Chassis Engineering, founded in 1980, manufacturers high-end suspension components for race cars, as well as complete chassis. “We build our own rear end housings here,” Murphy continued. “We have a lot of in-house tools, laser machines, plasma cutters, our own CNC benders. We try to manufacturer as much as we can in-house. That gives us a lot more control. If a customer calls up with a special order, that’s not a big deal. We also repair cars, install roll bars, back halves, front clips. Building complete cars is what I’m excited about more than anything. We’re trying to move that forward building really high quality, custom cars.”

Murphy says that three of the last four cars produced by Chassis Engineering have been specifically for the Outlaw 632 class. The class is expected to have strong racer support. Ken Kershaw, pivotal in linking the class to the PDRA, says many cars around the country have expressed interest in running Outlaw 632 with the PDRA. Johnny Pluchino, son of Extreme Pro Stock World Champion John Pluchino, will pursue the four race schedule this year as will class supporter  Kenny Voss of Voss Racing Engines, among many others.

“I’m really excited about the class,” Murphy added, who also tunes Top Sportsman and Pro Nitrous teams. “It’s going to be really cool. A lot of our customer base competes in Outlaw 632 so we’re happy to support it with the Low Qualifier Award. We’ll be at all the races to support our customers.


Pro Stock Racers Choose PDRA – Total Seal to Sponsor PS Low Qualifier Award

The PDRA is proud to welcome Extreme Pro Stock to the full 2017 schedule. During the off season, a large majority of class racers agreed to pursue the PDRA this season, choosing to continue building upon the five promising appearances they had with the series in 2016. The class has traveled rocky ground for the better part of a decade, but many racers feel the class is headed in the right direction now. To show their commitment to the class, Total Seal Piston Rings has stepped up to sponsor the XPS Low Qualifier Award for 2017.

“Total Seal is proud to be named the Low Qualifier Award sponsor for Extreme Pro Stock,” stated Matt Hartford, Vice President of Total Seal. “Naturally aspirated mountain motor engines are a breed within themselves. We are excited to continue the advancement of ring seal and technological advancements of these big bore, large stroke engines.”

Total Seal is an industry leader in custom piston rings, priding themselves on customer service. From drag racing applications to IRL and NASCAR, Total Seal offers proven products across motorsports genres. Learn more at www.totalseal.com.

Matt Giangrande of CV Products bought a Pro Stock operation last summer, with specific intentions of running the PDRA. He has recently become an official spokesperson for the class, rallying unity and direction for what was once one of the most prestigious classes in drag racing.

“I gathered opinions and ideas as to what would be best for the group,” Giangrande said of the XPS participants. “As you can imagine there were some very interesting ideas, but there was a majority that arose, and we came up with a ‘resolution for participation’. We felt that we needed to prove to ourselves and the PDRA that the class was viable. We have chosen PDRA as the place we want to run our cars in Pro Stock.

“PDRA is adamant that the racers don’t have to do anything but show up at the gate,” Giangrande continued. “We went above and beyond because we felt like, as a group, we needed to show commitment to each other and show commitment to the PDRA. Eleven of us have shown that by investing in ourselves and the series. The PDRA owners and staff are really trying to do the right thing by the racers, which makes it easy for me to try and help them.

“We’ve helped get more sponsors involved, like Matt from Total Seal. Jerry Haas is getting involved. Maxima Oil is back on board. RAM Clutches is getting involved this year. We here at CV Products are doing something with the PDRA for the first time as a sponsor. So we’re bringing some new blood.”

“We’re thrilled to welcome Extreme Pro Stock back to a full schedule,” expressed Bob Harris of the PDRA. “The class is rich in history and performance. Fans can relate to the modern day body styles. We feel confident that the class is headed in a positive direction and we couldn’t be happier it’s with us.”

“I think we have a chance, and it may be our last chance, to show the PDRA and the larger drag racing community that big inch mountain motor Pro Stock is not dead,” Giangrande added. The ownership we’ve put into this is going to make a difference. I can already see it. I’m happy to have had a part in getting this class going for the 2017 season. I think PDRA is going to have a breakout year and I think Pro Stock is right there with them.”


Strong Support for Drag 965 Pro Extreme Motorcycle in 2017

The PDRA welcomes back Drag 965 as the title sponsor of Pro Extreme Motorcycle for the fourth consecutive season. The Kuwait drag racing powerhouse that is Drag 965 is a global standard of team unity and motorsports. Sheikh Mohammad al Sabah, head of Drag 965, has done much good for the sport in both Kuwait and the U.S. and continues that effort with the ongoing sponsorship of PDRA’s Pro Extreme Motorcycle category.

Drag 965 Pro Extreme Motorcycle expects to see a few new riders this season, marking a likely resurgence in the class. Last season saw greater parity in competition for the bikes with new and more varied faces taking home the coveted 660 trophies.

Supporting title sponsor Drag 965, Timblin Chassis will present the Low Qualifier Award this season in the form of a $300 Timblin Chassis gift certificate. Owner Walt Timblin has many customers in both the PDRA and the Middle East, which makes his support of Drag 965 PXM a no-brainer. Bill Vose, Dan Wagner, Terri Schweigert, Travis Davis, and, new this year, Paul Gast, all ride Timblin Chassis bikes.

“I like to give back and I like the PDRA,” Timblin told. “It puts [bikes] out there in front of a lot of people. The more people see Timblin bikes race, the more people want our bikes.”

While Timblin Chassis started out over 20 years ago focused on sportsman bikes, Timblin continued to move up through the ranks and now not only crafts chassis, but a full line of components as well.  “We do CNC parts for other companies and bikes. I sell wheels and carbon fiber body work, pretty much a full line of anything to build a roller.”

Although many Drag 965 competitors are already on Timblin bikes, Timblin says there are other he thinks may join the ranks this year. “I hope all the guys I build bikes for will come on to the races and make it a big 2017.”

Another class supporter, Grothus Drag Bikes, is offering a unique incentive in 2017. Grothus Drag Bikes will award a $100 gift certificate to all non-qualifiers at every event that is run as an eight bike field.

“We love the PDRA events,” stated Ed Grothus, owner of Grothus Drag Bikes and retired fireman. “It’s very professional, well-run, great venues, very friendly people. The people that aren’t getting the press, that aren’t going to the winner’s circle, that aren’t holding a trophy at the end of the day – I’d like to think that those people deserve a little something. So I decided to offer $100 gift certificate to non-qualifiers in events that don’t have a 16 bike field. It’s our way of giving back to the sport a little bit. We believe in advancing the sport and trying to help it grow. That’s not done just by putting money in the winners and runners up pockets. So this is for those people who may not qualify this year.”

Grothus Drag Bikes focuses largely on providing chassis and chassis components to the sportsman bike market, but also has PXM bikes around the globe. Ed’s son Brunson entered two PDRA events last season, winning both, and may pursue the Drag 965 PXM World Championship this season.

“We not only make, build and sell parts, we race ‘em,” added Grothus. “So we truly understand what makes thing tick and how to make them better.”

The class enjoys further support from the McKinney family-owned D&S Auto Sales & Salvage and motorcycle authority Vance & Hines.

“We are thrilled to have the continued and new PXM support from these great partners,” thanked Will Smith, PDRA Director of Marketing. “They are devoted to this unique aspect of the sport and we’re grateful for their time, investment and commitment. It’s looking like a great year and these bikes will be bringing incredible action to every event. We look forward to seeing our new and returning riders in a few short weeks.”

Drag 965 Pro Extreme Motorcycle offers a distinctive fan experience in the PDRA. Loyal bike enthusiasts prefer their speed on two wheels and Drag 965 PXM action is second to none in that arena. For more information on the PDRA 2017 tour, which begins March 9-11, visit www.pdra660.com.

Switzer Dynamics and MoTeC Continue Pro Nitrous Support
JESEL to Sponsor Low Qualifier Award

The strength of the PDRA Pro Nitrous program can largely be attributed to the support the class receives from sponsors, manufacturers, fans, and racers. Switzer Dynamics has been the cornerstone sponsor of the class since the series’ inception. The committed nitrous innovator will be back as the title Pro Nitrous sponsor in 2017.

“The PDRA is a very professional organization. We like how it’s owned by the racers. The way it’s ran and the professionalism is top notch. Judy and Tommy Franklin and the Scruggs family are some of the best people you could ever meet. We are happy to support them for the fourth year now,” stated Dan Carver of Switzer Dynamics.

“Nitrous is what our business is based around, so involvement with the Pro Nitrous class is an obvious choice for us, but we do a lot of work for people in the other classes as well,” Carver added, referring to the intake manifolds the company manufacturers for blown and turbocharged applications. Carver says that these latest Switzer Dynamic endeavors have taken off well and will continue to grow.  “The one piece billet nitrous manifold starts out at 420lbs, but after the Switzer Dynamics makeover weighs 15.8lbs. We have quite a few engine builders that are looking to start using our one piece billet manifolds.

“We’ve started working with a lot of new engine builders in the last couple of years. We have started making different engine kits, and that doesn’t mean that it has to be nitrous related, to meet the needs of different engine builders. We’re a manufacturing company and we can make nearly any part there is a demand for. We’ve definitely started doing a lot of things other than nitrous. We’re always developing new products. There’s always something to improve. We’re continuously working on the flow bench, trying to improve.”

Switzer Dynamics holds claim to the first 3.60s run conquered by customer Pat Stoken. While Switzer Dynamics customer success is nothing new, Carver points out that Switzer Dynamics will be on board several new teams this season, as well.

“We are proud to welcome Switzer Dynamics back for a fourth year,” stated PDRA Director of Marketing, Will Smith. “Brandon, Melissa, and Dan are outstanding people who are truly brilliant in their work. Pro Nitrous will continue to be as exciting as ever and this wouldn’t be possible without Switzer Dynamics. We are also very grateful for MoTeC as the class presenting sponsor and JESEL coming back again as sponsor of the Pro Nitrous Low Qualifier Award.”

MoTeC Systems East became the class presenting sponsor in 2016 and continues now for a second year. “We’re a big fan of the PDRA and what they’re doing to have an affordable, successful drag racing series,” offered Drake DeVore of MoTec. “The PDRA has been great to work with, from a sponsor perspective. We also enjoy that they have left it open for these Pro Mod categories so that teams, engine builders, and electronic suppliers like us can spread our wings and have some fun in the class. That’s something MoTeC has always enjoyed doing.”

While MoTeC products can be used in any number of motorsports applications, DeVore pointed to the company’s close ties with Switzer Dynamics as one of the main reasons for getting involved with the Pro Nitrous category, specifically.

“We’ve supplied Switzer Dynamics with electronics for various projects,” DeVore explained. “We’ve really enjoyed seeing the success of those projects. Sponsoring Pro Nitrous seemed like a natural progression for us. Even though we’re involved in all different categories and classes, supporting Brandon [Switzer] in the nitrous category was a good place for us to get involved.”

For 30 years MoTeC has provided ECU engine control solutions, data acquisition, display systems, and more for categories across motorsports.  “We’ll be attending as many events as we can, showcasing our digital color displays and data acquisition products. We’re just very excited to be involved with the PDRA and let people see what we have to offer on both data acquisition and fuel injection.”

Pro Nitrous support continues with Jesel Valvetrain Innovation, which returns this year to once again present the Pro Nitrous Low Qualifier Award. “The PDRA is an ideal community of drag racers for Jesel to be involved with,” stated Jesel’s Rob Remesi. “It is made up of serious, professional racers that race extreme, no-compromise engines – just the type Jesel valvetrain components were designed for. And no class represents this all-out approach to conquering the eighth-mile more than the Pro Nitrous class, where the RPM and cylinder pressure of 900+cid engines collides. Jesel provides the valvetrain solutions, including rockers, roller lifters and belt drives, that make these incredible performances possible, round after round!”

Andy McCoy Race Cars Sponsors Pro Boost in 2017
Rossler Transmissions Provides Low Qualifier Award

Andy McCoy Race Cars has been a staunch PDRA supporter since the series’ inception. Now the premier chassis builder is increasing involvement by stepping up to sponsor PDRA’s Pro Boost category for the 2017 season. As well as backing the incredible Pro Boost action this season, Andy McCoy Race Cars is sponsoring the ‘Ask the Pros’ segment on the PDRA/Speed Video Live Feed for the second consecutive year.

Andy McCoy Race Cars Pro Boost has been a wildly popular category, both in terms of racer participation and fan response. Pitting different power adders against one another, Pro Boost is reminiscent of Pro Mod’s beginnings and provides similar excitement as turbocharged and import entries continue to increase, battling the more traditional blown, domestic machines. Andy McCoy Race Cars’ customer Tylor Miller of the Pee Dee Fleet team runs in the category and hopes to overtake the domination of GALOT Motorsports team members exhibited last season. He will debut a new AMRC-special body, a 1979 Corvette, later this year. AMRC is also building a new Pro Boost ride for Chris Russo, among others.

“It’s a very exciting class, a very healthy class,” McCoy said of PB. “Throughout the year we maintained at least a 16 car field. When the class first started they were running 3.90s. Low 3.70s is the number now. It’s exciting to see it grow. In the PDRA you get to see a variety of really cool cars.”

McCoy hints that Miller’s new Corvette will likely debut around the time the PDRA stops at the Miller family-owned Darlington Dragway. Other ‘79 Corvette bodies have already gone overseas to Australia, Sweden and Germany.

AMRC debuted an industry-leading website last fall. Clients can build a custom AMRC car right on the site and receive an immediate quote of cost. Parts and accessories are also available for purchase through the AMRC site.

“Our new online store has started taking off. We’re pretty excited about it. We do composite bodies and parts. Over in the fab shop we build the race cars. Then we expanded into the online parts – anything that goes on a race car you can buy. But now we’ve also ventured out a little bit into something different from other chassis builders. We’ve come out with our own energy drink. It’s already taking off and doing well. We named it Pro Boost so that we could hand it out in the PDRA to all the Pro Boost teams. We’ll walk around to all the [Pro Boost] guys, welcome them back to the PDRA and give them some energy drinks on us for coming and running with us. We want to work hand-in-hand with the PDRA to make this thing better for everyone involved. We want to do more than sponsor the class. This is a partnership. Let’s see how many people we can reach, together, to build the PDRA up.”

Pro Boost energy drinks are currently available at www.andymccoyracecars.com, convenience stores local to the company’s base in Washington, Missouri and at the Pee Dee Fleet trailer at PDRA events.

For the fourth year in a row, Rossler Transmissions is sponsoring the Pro Boost Low Qualifier award. Every Pro Boost number one qualifier receives $500 thanks to Rossler Transmissions. Over the past 36 years, Rossler has built some of the strongest transmissions in the industry. A Rossler transmission was on the first automatic Pro Mod. It was also the transmission aboard for the first Pro Mod five second run in the quarter-mile. The company boasts its own machine shop to develop specially designed components and continue raising the bar for performance transmissions. In strength, durability and performance, Rossler Transmissions refuses to skimp.

“From the very beginning we’ve never stopped trying new ideas,” emphasized Carl Rossler. “That goes hand in hand with the number one qualifier. Every year the cars get faster. You think it can’t possibly get any faster, but it does. We want to reward those people who are pushing the evolution of the sport to go faster. It’s a small way to help them be proud of what they’ve accomplished. There’s a lot of smart people out there, always thinking about the next move. That’s the same as us; we’re always looking towards the future. Even when our stuff is working well we’re constantly trying to reinvent the wheel.”

Hoosier Racing Tire Returns ‘Official Tire of the PDRA’ for Fourth Consecutive Season

As the PDRA enters its fourth season, several partnerships founded in 2014 continue to be critical pieces of the PDRA puzzle today. Hoosier Racing Tire joined the PDRA story as the Official Tire in 2014 and retains that title now for the fourth consecutive season. Hoosier also posts contingency awards in all Pro and Sportsman classes, as well as special event classes.

“We look forward to continuing our relationship with PDRA and the racers that compete in this series this year,” said Faron Lubbers of Hoosier Racing Tire. “Our continued support of the series and the racers means a lot to us as and we’re looking forward to a great season and beyond.”

Hoosier Racing Tire will be onsite offering trackside support at all of the PDRA events with their great corporate representative Frank Papp and servicing representative of Jody Skeens Track Side Service. As a customer-driven company, Hoosier Racing Tire carries many of the PDRA’s competitors to the winner’s circle.

“Continued support from industry-leading companies like Hoosier is a large part of what makes the PDRA a strong and growing organization,” thanked PDRA Director of Marketing, Will Smith. “We thank Faron and the great team at Hoosier for supporting our organization and our racers. We’re all in this for the same reason – to support the racers and we appreciate our partners, like Hoosier, who help us do that here at the PDRA.”

For more information on Hoosier Racing Tire visit www.hoosiertire.com.

Flatout Gaskets Nitrous Wars – Who Will Reign in 2017?

The PDRA is proud to announce the Flatout Gaskets Nitrous Wars are back for 2017. Last year’s inaugural season established an official battle between PDRA Pro Nitrous drivers and their respective engine builders. Industry-leading gasket manufacturer, Flatout Gaskets stepped up to sponsor the Wars and has committed to do so again in 2017.

“Flatout Gaskets is excited to back the Nitrous Wars for a second year,” stated Flatout Gaskets President, Mark Adelizzi. “The talent in that class is incredible. Any of the 16 qualifiers could find themselves in the winner’s circle on race day. Add in the clash of engine builders and it makes every qualifying and eliminations pass a must-watch. The professionalism and desire to continually surpass performance barriers exhibited by Pro Nitrous exhibit is much the same as what we strive for here at Flatout Gaskets. It’s a perfect fit for us and I’m excited to see who comes out on top in 2017.”

Flatout Gaskets prides itself on top-notch customer service and the highest quality parts available for drag racing’s most demanding applications.

The Flatout Gaskets Nitrous Wars recognizes the top Pro Nitrous qualifier at every event. The pole sitter claims bragging rights for a race and takes home the coveted Nitrous Wars trophy – a hefty nitrous bottle, theirs to use and commemorate as they wish. The 2016 season saw much parity in elapsed times between the engine builders represented in the Pro Nitrous ranks. Still, Musi Racing Engines consistently rose to the top, with 2016 Pro Nitrous World Champion Tommy Franklin taking the pole three times over the course of the season, solidifying himself not only as the World Champion, but as 2016 Nitrous Wars victor as well.

Musi Racing Engines’ slew of customers gives the company a slight mathematical advantage in possible number one qualifier awards thanks to drivers Lizzy Musi, Jim Sackuvich, John Camp, and Jason Harris, among others.

Chris Rini took home the final Nitrous Wars victory of the season, setting the pace at the PDRA World Finals in October with his Buck Racing Engine. After coming out with a new program, Rini seems to have found a winning combination and will surely be a threat in the 2017 season. He and Jay Cox, driver of the ‘Orange Pumpkin’, will represent the Buck camp well.

With Reher Morrison power under the hood, ‘Stevie Fast’ Jackson took home a Flatout Gaskets Nitrous Wars victory in 2016 and will no doubt be looking for more in 2017. Keith Haney, Ron Muenks, and Jim Laurita – also from the Reher Morrison camp – will be throwing their hat in the Flatout Gaskets Nitrous Wars ring as well.

Sonny’s Racing Engines will be looking to put some new names in the pole position this year with drivers Danny Perry, George Williams and Brian Shaw.

Watch Flatout Gasket Nitrous Wars unfold in the 2017 and see who will rise to the top. Stay tuned to PDRA social media for up-to-the-minute updates and visit www.flatoutgroup.com for more information on Flatout Gaskets.

PDRA Introduces Elite 16, Makes Adjustments to Entry Fees

At the PRI Show in early December, the Professional Drag Racers Association (PDRA) announced that the highly popular Top Sportsman category will undergo a slight makeover for 2017. The class, which has brought as many as 88 entries to qualify for 16 spots, will now offer the chance for 32 or 48 cars to qualify for every event. All TS entries will qualify together, as normal. Once qualifying has been completed, the top 16 qualifiers will be drafted into a semi-pro class. This ‘Elite 16’ category, besides coming with greater prestige, will also pay more to win. The remainder of the field will run as a 16 car qualified field unless there are 42 or more total TS entries. If 42 or more total TS cars make a qualifying pass, Top Sportsman will run as a 32 car field in addition to the Elite 16. The top 16 qualifiers will be referred to as MagnaFuel Elite 16, while the bottom 16 or 32 will retain the class’ name of MagnaFuel Top Sportsman.

“We know that there are a lot of Top Sportsman cars that would like to run with us that cannot qualify with the Elite 16,” explained Bob Harris. “We also don’t want to take anything away from the guys that can and do want to run fast. So we decided to make it two classes. That way there’s something for everybody. We love the support this class has received, as well as the reputation it has regained with the PDRA. We don’t want to detract from its popularity to local competitors who run with us or from the elite status Top Sportsman has among fast doorslammer bracket racing.”

The entry fee for Top Sportsman (and Top Dragster) will be $150 car and driver this season. MagnaFuel Elite 16 offers $4000 to win, $1000 to runner up, $500 for semis, $300 for quarters and $200 for first round losers. MagnaFuel Top Sportsman will be $3500 to win, $1000 to runner up, $400 for semis, $250 for quarters and $150 for first round losers. Low ETs will be announced at a later date.

Elite 16 and Top Sportsman have their own unique championship points. Points will be accumulated in the category in which the car and driver qualify. All sportsman racers are allowed to claim seven of the eight events on the 2017 PDRA tour. “We understand that at some point a racer who is vying for the Top Sportsman championship may qualify for the Elite 16,” Harris clarified. “Racers are not allowed to drop down from their qualifying position so points will be accumulated in the category they qualify for. However, they can choose to claim any seven of the eight events on the tour. So if a Top Sportsman racer qualifies for Elite 16 or any of our sportsman racers – Top Dragster and Juniors included – have to miss an event, it won’t hurt their overall points.”

Other changes are on the horizon for 2017, as well. The PDRA Bracket Bash will be back this year and now offers a buy back opportunity for first round losers. It will cost $75 to buy back with buy backs going directly into second round. Top Sportsman and Top Dragster entries who fail to qualify may enter the Bracket Bash at no additional cost. TS and TD entries who lose first round may buy into the second round of the Bracket Bash at the $75 buy back fee. The Bracket Bash pays $3000 to win, $750 to runner up, $300 for semis and $150 for quarters. Bracket Bash entry is $100. Also knew for the Bracket Bash this year, dial-ins must be 6.99 or quicker, instead of the 4.99 or quicker requirement of 2016.

“The reason we’re offering the Bracket Bash and the opportunity for Top Sportsman and Top Dragster guys and girls to run it is to make sure everybody gets a chance to race during the weekend and get their money’s worth out of their trip,” Harris noted.

Top and Pro Junior Dragster will see a slight change for 2017, as well. Entry fee will change from $200 for car and driver and two crew, to $75 for car and driver. Additional crew can be purchased at $50 each, or $75 for starting line access. “We have several Junior Dragster teams that come with just one crew,” said Harris. “We did not want to punish them for not bringing at least two crew members, so we adjusted the entry to reflect each crew member. This should give many of our junior entries a break.

“We’re working hard to continue making this the premier professional eighth-mile racing organization in the country,” Harris continued “We are 100 percent by the racers, for the racers. The PDRA is a family and the changes we make moving forward are to benefit our family as a whole. We hope everyone will take advantages of the opportunities available to race with the PDRA in 2017. We look forward to seeing everyone at the season opener, which is just two months away.”


Based in Pittsboro, North Carolina, the Professional Drag Racers Association is the top sanctioning body in the United States for the sport of eighth-mile drag racing. The PDRA’s professional categories include Pro Extreme, Pro Nitrous, Pro Boost, Extreme Pro Stock and Pro Extreme Motorcycle along with Top Sportsman, Top Dragster, Pro Jr. Dragster, and Top Jr. Dragster. The 2016 PDRA schedule consists of nine national events. For more on the world’s premier eighth-mile drag racing organization visit www.pdra660.com. Follow the PDRA: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube.

Posted by Lisa Collier
DragRaceCanada File Photos by Bruce Biegler & Steve Embling