Raymond’s Reset 

One of Canada’s most prolific Pro Mod class racers is on the rebound for the 2012 season.  Toronto-based Raymond Commisso has plans to multi-task with his supercharged Camaro…. 

Since a rather unexpected departure from the Georgia-based R2B2 Racing team last August, Commisso had been laying rather low while charting the next chapter for his racing career.  There is now some clarity and direction on that front and Ray has been back in action already on both the NHRA and ADRL Pro Mod circuits so far this season.  

Ray Commisso in action at NHRA Gainesville last month

Ray is back driving his own race car and has a truly impressive supporting cast with him.

“I’m back driving a car that I’ve had some history with,” confirmed Commisso. “This is originally the same car I had that I sold to Roger (Burgess) and then drove for him while I was over there.  Roger was then good enough to sell it back to me during the off-season and it’s been a good fit because it’s very familiar (built by Tim McAmis) and  I’ve made some 150 runs in it.”

Raymond’s racing effort this season also includes some very big Aces in his fold.  Two of the biggest names in the world of drag racing tuning and engine building (Al Billes and Bob Newberry) are part of his equation going forward as co-crew chiefs. 

“I can’t say enough about having two of the very best behind me,” Ray continued. “Sometimes I listen in while they talk tech but to be honest it’s like hearing two Einstein’s – I just get confused and have to walk away.”

Over the winter Ray’s team has been highly active on the dyno and have come up with a lot of horsepower, he revealed.

“Right now we are trying to learn how to apply all that properly to this race car,” he added. “We’ve been having some initial tire shake issues but believe me once this car decides to go – watch out!”

Ray Commisso

Commisso’s 2012 racing season so far has to be considered encouraging,  The car made some very clean and quick runs during pre-season testing (including three 5.85s) and Ray qualified solidly at both NHRA Gainesville and at the subsequent ADRL season opener in Houston (racing within the ADRL’s new Pro Mod “legal” class).

Next race up for his team will be this weekend’s NHRA ProCare RX Challenge event at Charlotte NC.

“In 2012 we are going to head over to the ADRL circuit and also run some select NHRA events,” Ray revealed.  “The 1/8th mile ADRL circuit makes sense for us both economically and geographically because our car and trailer will now be based from Bob Newberry’s shop in Florida.  We will go back and forth at bit and play in two “legal” Pro Mod class sand boxes.”

Commisso also did not rule out a possible PMRA Canadian event appearance at some point this summer.  “We will see about that,” he mused.  “If there is a break in the schedule that works I’d like to race one of those events too.”

Commisso also has a plan “B” car in the works and near ready – another 1969 Chevy Camaro, this one built by G-Force Race Cars.  Some current speculation is that Commisso may test and then ultimately debut that race car withinCanada.

Posted by:  Bruce Biegler (Photos by:  Bruce Biegler)