Rob Flynn’s Newest Gig!

For Alberta-born Rob Flynn, one of Canada’s most recognized and respected drag racing tuner names; the world of ADRL Pro Mod racing is offering him some new challenges…

Flynn, whose reputation within NHRA nitro racing is extensive, is now busy adding a new dimension to his impressive racing resume.   Rob has taken on a role with Qatar-based Al-Anabi Racing, being involved with that team’s two supercharged P/X cars driven by J.R. Todd and Alex Hossler.  It is certainly a change in direction from what he has been used to.

“Over the past 30 odd years I have worked with Top Alcohol dragsters and Funny Cars, and then Top Fuel cars and nitro Funny Cars,” Flynn reflected.

Canada's Rob Flynn is now involved with Extreme Pro Mod racing

“This new team association first came together last summer after J.R. Todd had been talking with Sheikh Khalid (Bin Hamad Al Thani) about driving one of his cars,” Rob revealed.  “I was invited to come along as his tuner.  I didn’t know a lot about Pro Mod cars at that time – so I spent the rest of last season with the Alex Hossler team.  Once J.R.’s ’57 Chevy was finished we went over to Qatar for the Arabian Drag Racing League’s winter season.  At our first race we qualified #2 and at the second race we won.  Our team (including Hossler) ended up winning four of the seven events over there and we finished in the semis for the overall Battle for the Belt competition.  So – that was a good start.”

“Racing Pro Mods is completely different,” Flynn added.  “It is a different mindset and the learning curve is steep.  These cars in ADRL are certainly on the edge for 1/8th mile racing.   They are extremely powerful and lightweight cars that are as quick or quicker then Top Alcohol cars.   For me now it is beyond finessing just the motor.  I now get to work with the car and suspension, converters and drive train.”

Flynn has also been highly impressed with his young driver J.R. Todd. 

“He really is an unbelievable driver – a natural at this,” Rob added.  “Last winter, he had never driven a Pro Mod before but got the car right down the track — his first times ever in it.”

The Al-Anabi P/X team includes Alex Hossler (near lane) and J.R. Todd

For Flynn of course a larger question must be posed.  Given his history, will the Canadian eventually return to the more familiar grounds of NHRA fuel car competition at some point in the future?  The door for that does appear to be cracked open.

“It’s hard to replace the feeling of winning in a fuel car and all the fans in NHRA that watch,” he admitted.  “There is no doubt that Nitro is like a drug – it is really addictive.

“But at the same time – racing Pro Mod is a great experience and I think it is helping to make me better-rounded.  I am certainly learning a lot and having fun doing it.”

NHRA drag racing fans of course do recognize that Sheikh Khalid is the primary backer of the Al-Anabi Top Fuel dragsters driven by Larry Dixon and Del Worsham — which are tuned by modern day legend Alan Johnson.

It is thus easy to speculate that Flynn could become a crossover component with that sister racing division of the team at some point.

Rob Flynn currently makes all tuning calls on J.R. Todd’s ’57 Chevy

(Bruce Biegler Photos)