Cool regional cars are everywhere in Canada and this creative Willys from within our Western heartland is a prime example….

Ross Faure who is a 100% independent racer and the owner of Ross Electric (Saskatoon) has been busy massaging forward a pretty unique racing project. Along with his son Alex and since 2013, he has assembled and is now testing a quite creative 1941 Willys.

This very stealth-looking machine features a race car chassis by SM Race Cars (from Virginia) which houses a 555 CID Dart motor which is outfitted with a F3 Pro-charger induction system. That alcohol-fueled engine is a program from another provincial racer, Bruce Schmiedl’s ABS Competiton Engineering (Regina), and that gives the team in excess of 2500 HP to potentially play with.

“We started to first think about this project about 5 years ago — the idea came from my son Alex,” Ross revealed. “We’ve evolved from an 8-secs car to this. I will admit it’s been a bit of a slow process – we do everything ourselves — and it certainly wasn’t a walk in the park to get to this point. But right now we’re getting the car to go from A to B pretty consistently.”

Alex Faure lines up his Dad during action at Edmonton’s Castrol Raceway last summer

This season the wicked looking Willys, which tips the scales at 2500 lbs, did clock in at an improving and potential ridden 7.15 secs at 190 mph.

“We know now that we do have a six-seconds capable car and that is our performance target,” Ross added.

Long term plans for this Willys, which also features a transmission program from Hutch’s Transmission (London Ontario), is for it to remain mostly within Western Canadian Top Sportsman class competition, and for it to eventually include Ross’s son Alex within the driving equation too.

Some early team testing did occur at Mission Raceway in BC

Post and photos by Bruce Biegler