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New Chapter Unfolding 

Edmonton’s fabled RAD Torque Raceway has had a changing of the guard in advance of next season…. (continue reading…)

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Just Send It Shootout!

RAD Torque Raceway was the site for an Inaugural new fast doorslammer event – presented by Pro Power Management…. (continue reading…)

Two Decades Tradition!

Edmonton’s RAD Torque Raceway hosts a milestone version Rocky Mountain Nationals… (continue reading…)

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Just Send It Shootout

Pro Power Management announces the inaugural Just Send It Shootout — scheduled for August 11-13 at Edmonton’s RAD Torque Raceway…. (continue reading…)

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Successful Season Summary!

T&T Promotions “The Classics Bracket Races” 2022 Season Recap…. (continue reading…)

A Hot August Night Review

Reflections on the return of RAD Torque Raceway’s 2022 mid-summer independent event success story …. (continue reading…)

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R.M.N. Re-Brand Report

Edmonton’s RAD Torque Raceway hosts a returning version Rocky Mountain Nationals…. (continue reading…)

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Sweet Spot Sponsorship

With new primary sponsorship — Edmonton’s premier racing facility — now preps for a very positive future ….

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“Tip of Top” Eliminator

2021’s chase for Edmonton’s Top Eliminator glory includes a repeat title winner….

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