A prominent Canadian racer has assumed new ownership for an important Canadian motorsports entity….

Nash Machine Services, which was first established back in 1975 by founder Garry Sansom, will see new life beginning in 2022.

The long time, signature and very relied upon machine shop facility, based in Scarborough ON., has been purchased by Canadian fast street car star racer Nick Agostino and his business partner Luis Trujillo, in what is the latest venture within their diversified business owning portfolio.

Nick Agostino, who races Canada’s all time quickest and fastest Outlaw Street Car (a turbocharged ’69 Camaro) revealed that the recent acquisition happened due to a number of factors.

Nick Agostino

“I, like most of the top racers in Eastern Canada, had been using Nash Machine Services for most of my machine work for many years – 25-30 in fact,” Nick explained.  “Unfortunately the business itself was in some recent peril — but I saw some potential.”

“I also used to own and operate (Agostino Racing Engines) about 15 years ago so I was familiar with the business and I have a ongoing personal passion for it,” Nick continued.  “I was well aware of the excellent employees there already and also their clientele base.  The harsh reality was — that if they went under — it would have been a huge void in the high performance machine shop industry (for everyone and all forms of motorsports) in this area.  So I chose not to let that happen.”

Nick officially reopened the facility and the company is rebranded.  As of Dec. 1st it known as Nash Competition Engines.  

Nash Competition Engines has already made and is planning some very strategic moves.  In addition to retaining some Nash Machine Services employee skill set (including Mike Holmes, Peter Olin & previous company owner Jeff Berkel) — they have hired on a highly reputed area specialist — Doug Balsdon (from Competition Machine).  Plans to expand the business include significant plant investment — including the acquisition of a Rottler CNC cylinder hone.

Agostino did reveal too that his new business venture does include a very real personal aspect to it.

“During the 1980’s when I was doing my mechanical engineering work and auto machine papers – Garry Sansom was my instructor,” Nick revealed.  “Then in fact one of my first jobs was working part time for him at his Nash Machine Services.  Garry later on passed away – so I think it’s pretty special for me to be able to help to carry on a business tradition which he started.”

Going forward, Nash Competition Engines have additional aggressive plans.  While capability to do 95% of any type of high performance engine machining is retained – it will also morph itself into a more full service company.  

“We are going to offer more overall support to a wider variety of speciality motor programs,” Nick added.  “It will be well beyond just machining – we want to become more of a turn key operation for all aspects.  Our customers will now be able to just drop their complete engine off — we do all it’s servicing — and they can pick it up.  We think that being more local (within Canada)  instead of a racer having to crate their motor up and ship it too and from the USA – is a pretty attractive convenience.”

Nick Agostino and Nash Competition Engines commitment back to the drag racing is also a top priority. They are pleased to announce they have for 2022 committed as the third primary sponsor to further boost the fortunes of Ontario’s thriving Canada Heads Up fast street car circuit (CHU) – alongside Maxima Racing Oils and Speedwire Systems. 

Nash Competition Engines is located in Scarborough (20 Venture Drive – M1B 3R7) – Telephone 416-291-0237.

Their official website is currently under construction – however any questions at this time can be directed to:  info@nashengines.com 

Post and (DragRaceCanada file photos) by Bruce Biegler