Canada’s Ultimate Showdown Drag Racing Series will take to the track for it’s 2nd of 3 season events this weekend. Here is the latest news for the series…


The annual Stratford Spectacular kicks off this weekend on Friday August 7th at Grand Bend Motorplex. The weekend long event is presented by Ideal Supply and Napa, and features some of the best drag racing action in Canada.

Included in that action is the second round of the Ultimate Showdowns Drag Racing Series, featuring 5 second, 240 mph Pro Modifieds, and the ultra competitive Top Sportsman and Top Dragster category. After a very successful initial event at the Canadian Nitro Nationals, just a few weeks ago, the enthusiasm and anticipation is building as the drivers in each of the classes prepares for what should be a spectacular event.

Ideal Supply is an award winning, third generation, family run wholesale business. Ideal has grown to become one of the largest privately owned distributors of automotive, electrical, and industrial products and services in Canada.
With it’s roots right here in Ontario, dating back to 1926, Ideal Supply has seen constant Company growth throughout the years in each of their automotive, electrical, machine shop and industrial markets.

In 1996, Ideal Supply joined forces with UAP/NAPA, now called NAPA Auto Parts, to become the leading and largest aftermarket parts Company in North America. Ideal Supply is also the largest NAPA dealer in Canada. It has 30 branches in Southwestern Ontario, and operates out of a 75,000 square foot head office and distribution centre, located in Listowel, Ontario.

Today, Tim MacDonald is President and CEO, with brother John Jr. the Vice-President of Sales & Marketing, and their sister Joan Waechter working as Vice-President Human Resources. As partners in the business, they work with a professional management team to lead over 450 employees as one of ‘Canada’s Best Managed Companies’. They continue to follow the legacy of their father, John MacDonald Sr., and his commitment to customer service, community service and cultivating a skilled workforce.
“As a Company based in smaller and medium-sized communities in Ontario, we’ve been able to grow and evolve into a large player while staying true to our small-town values”, says Tim.

Throughout the years Ideal Supply has consistently kept its focus on people, keenly aware that its success also hinged on its relationships……with customers, suppliers and employees. As John Jr. acknowledged “After all, when its all said and done, it’s really a people business we are in. Our mantra has always been that if we help our customers succeed today, they’ll call us again tomorrow.”

The Ultimate Showdowns Drag Racing Series is pleased to work with Ideal Supply and its affiliated NAPA locations, to provide the support and customer focus, for the Stratford Spectacular Weekend.


The Ultimate Showdown Drag Racing Series is pleased to have Williams Racing from Strathroy, Ontario, step up to sponsor the Friday afternoon test sessions for the two remaining events.

Each of the two events will take place at Grand Bend Motorplex, and the test sessions are open to all USDS members in Pro Modified, as well as Top Sportsman and Top Dragster.

Lyle and Mary Ann Williams own Williams Racing and compete with a 2012 Racetech dragster powered by a supercharged Hemi engine. Lyle does the driving and he recently became the first number one qualifier in the USDS, in the Top Dragster / Top Sportsman category. At the Canadian Nitro Nationals, Lyle ran a 6.04 second elapsed time to grab the number one qualifying spot.af2fd8d5-632e-43d8-9786-df789d71cb00

Lyle Williams began his racing career in 1975, when he competed with a Plymouth Duster in the Pro Stock class. Lyle commented that “in those days the Pro Stock cars were running in the mid – nines, whereas today they are running in the mid – six second range.” The team ran the Pro Stock Duster up until 1984, when Lyle took a break from drag racing.

Upon their return to racing, Lyle and MaryAnn took a totally different approach to the sport, when they brought out a supercharged, small block Ford powered rear engined dragster to compete in the local bracket wars. After campaining that car for a season, they decided to step up to much more horsepower, with a totally new alcohol Hemi engine that has sent the team in the direction that are running today…….fast dragster competition. Lyle is a class “A” mechanic and he still builds his own engines, and can fabricate anything that is needed for the race car.

The Williams’ also own and operate “Williams Mobile Service”, in Strathroy, since 2001. While Mary Ann looks after the office part of the business, Lyle takes care of the service side of things. Williams Mobile Service provides Hydraulic Systems Equipment and Supplies, to customers throughout Ontario, and even as far away as British Columbia. Lyle services cranes, and man-lifts, as well as other hydraulics.

In addition to their love of drag racing, both Mary Ann and Lyle hold pilots licences, allowing them to enjoy their love of flying. MaryAnn also enjoys “storm chasing” with a group of people who travel in Ontario to find the nastiest storms approaching the area!

Son Austen, who is also a pilot, recently took Lyle on a breathtakingly beautiful flight to Canada’s Northwest, over areas where you don’t have landmarks or highways to help navigate. Lyle also has built aircraft in the past himself, and talked about some of his experiences in flying, sometimes on the scary side. Like the time he had to ditch a plane in Lake Erie, or make an emergency landing!

After experiences like that, plus Lyle driving a 225 mph dragster, you can see that Lyle and MaryAnn Williams truly enjoy their exciting lifestyle.

The Ultimate Showdown Drag Racing Series extends a big “Thank You” to Williams Racing, and Williams Mobile Service.


Shellbourne Fuels has been providing a variety of High Performance and full out racing fuels for a number of competitive world challengers. If you are looking for racing fuels that can significantly improve your track performance, expect to get the best at Shellbourne Fuels.

2dee4b5e-58bd-4e40-9d84-837373987302Every racer would surely want to get only the best racing fuels that will enable them to win races. The typical fuels are good, but they might not give you the best performance that you are looking for. The key secret in order to win, is a combination of the best race car, the best driver, and the top performing racing fuel. And when it comes to high performance racing fuels, Shellbourne Fuels can give you just that.

By checking out the racing fuels offered by Shellbourne Fuels, you will learn just how much more improvement you can get out of using the fuel enhancers that they have to offer. Shellbourne provides fuel enhancers for the automotive, marine, agricultural and industrial sectors.

Shellbourne Fuels manufactures a variety of fuel enhancers specific to automotive applications and customer needs. This user friendly product provides consumers with the convenience of an environmentally friendly one shot application, and ultimate engine performance. Both gasoline and diesel enhancers modify the energy of pump fuels to boost both the octane and cetane counts.

For diesel applications, Shellbourne Fuels provides properties that substantially improve the performance quality of good to mediocre fuels. Adding their enhancers provides major savings in fuel consumption, and equipment maintenance. The Diesel Enhancer improves combustion, so that toxic emissions that are released into the air, are greatly reduced.

Shellbourne Fuel products are now sold throughout Canada, the United States, Europe, the Caribbean and China. They supply the automotive, marine, motorcycle, and industrial sectors with a variety of fuel system cleaners, fuel enhancers, coolants and semi-synthetic lubricants.

Shellbourne Fuels is a manufacturer that is becoming an iconic Canadian brand with an illustrious history, outstanding quality and service, high integrity, great employees, countless devoted customers, and products that are made in Canada.

AJAX Engines Contingency Program

Ajax Engines is pleased to announce it’s involvement with the Ultimate Showdown Drag Racing Series. Owner Kirk Silberman has committed to becoming a Series sponsor, and also added a great contingency program for all USDS competitors. Kirk has been building high performance and racing engines for many years, based out of his Ajax, Ontario shop.

Kirk Silbermann

Kirk Silberman

Ajax will be offering a contingency package worth a total of $3100. over the three race Ultimate Showdown Series. First, Ajax Engines will give out $350.00 gift certificates to the winner in Pro Modified, as well as the winner of the Top Dragster / Top Sportsman showdown, at each race. These gift certificates can be used towards any custom machining, engine assembly, or dyno pulls at the Ajax Engines shop. Racers do not have to be current customers of Ajax Engines to win the certificates, only decal placement on the race car is all that is required to qualify for the contingency.

Also, Ajax Engines will also give a $500.00 gift certificate to the Season Champions in both Pro Modified and the Top Dragster / Top Sportsman class.

Racer Scott Wildgust is a customer of Ajax Engines, and he praises the great work done by Ajax Engines. “Kirk knows how to build quality, high horsepower drag racing motors, with reliability”.

If you would like more information about Ajax Racing Engines, Kirk Silberman would be glad to discuss your racing engine plans with you. You can contact him at 905 686 0015.


About NAPA Auto Parts & Ideal Supply:

NAPA Auto Parts – With close to 600 stores throughout Canada and over 80 years of history, it makes no doubt that NAPA Auto Parts stores keep your car young a long time and that NAPA is the right brand for the job. All of NAPA’s products, from the best-known brand names to private brands such as NAPA, UltraPro, UltraCraft and BodyPro, have become synonymous with “reliability” and “affordability.” For more information on NAPA Auto Parts visit

Ideal Supply – Ideal Supply is an award-winning, third-generation, family-run business. It has grown to become one of the largest privately-owned wholesale distributors of automotive, electrical, and industrial products and services in the country. Ideal is also the largest NAPA dealer in Canada. It has 30 branch locations in Southwestern Ontario, 450 employees and a 75,000-square-foot head office distribution centre. For more information on Ideal Supply visit

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