DRC’s Hemi He-Men Photo Gallery!

By:       Bruce Biegler

If there some things that can be said that are true about DragRaceCanada, it’s that we like our music loud and our cars Hemi-powered….

During the recent NHRA Mac Tools U.S. Nationals weekend at Indy, DragRaceCanada did in conjunction with its co-primary sponsor Mopar, have the privilege of officially photographing and reporting the 10th Annual Mopar Hemi Challenge for the Mopar brand.

That annual coagulation of extremely high $ and rather finicky SS/AH-classed Hemi cars has in the last decade become an intricate part of the overall Mac Tools U.S. Nationals fan experience.  It has too evolved into one of the most anticipated single Sportsman level drag racing events seen anywhere in the sport. 

Mopar Hemi Challenge final round.

The 2010 version was another dandy, with Pennsylvania-based Dentist by profession Jim Daniels emerging victorious driving a ’68 Dodge Dart that was prepared by and acquired from legendary Canadian-born Hemi engine-building Guru Ray Barton.    In fact, Daniels defeated Barton’s son David in the final round in an ultra close/quicker leaving, 8.560 secs to 8.559 secs decision.

The event which pitted the most elite Hemi-powered SS/AH cars on the planet, along with some of the most colorful drivers in the sport, was probably the most competitive in all Mopar Hemi Challenge history. 

We cannot think of any better way to reflect on the event then having an expanded photo essay…so you can enjoy exactly that within our Photo Gallery:  HERE

Hemi He-Men Coagulate!

(Photos by:  Bruce Biegler & Steve Embling)