A New Chapter for Canadian Commisso

Toronto’s Raymond Commisso will begin a new chapter for his drag racing career following a recent parting of ways with the R2B2 Racing Team….

In a rather unexpected and quite recent development, Commisso has left that racing group ending what was about a 3-year stint with the Georgia-based team, owned by influential Roger Burgess.

Commisso, who is one of the most popular Pro Mod drivers ever to come from Canada will then venture back out on his own in the near future.  He is expected to take delivery of an all new G-Force Race Cars 1969 Camaro within the next month.

Ray Commisso

“My time at R2B2 Racing was great and I could not have asked for better experience,” said Commisso.  “Roger was a gentleman to me and always treated me right.”

“But it came to point this year where it was best not to run my car and I decided then to go my own way.” Ray continued.  “That team has pretty much stopped their Pro Mod blown motor program and that decision did surprise me.”  

The R2B2 Racing Team is in fact shifting most of their focus to their turbo-charged Pro Mod car production and also towards the nitro Funny Car driven by Melanie Troxel.   There is also a strong possibility for a 2nd fuel FC operation to emerge from within that team.

Raymond reports that upon taking delivery of his new Pro Mod car he will then take it up to Barrie Ontario where a new realignment with Al Billes will begin.   Al and Ray had raced together for a number of years prior — up to and including early 2011. 

 After that Commisso hopes to begin testing for 2012 with at least a couple of late season appearances – somewhere.

“We will run it – we are just not sure exactly where,” Ray confirmed.  “I’m interested in the 1/8th mile Pro Mod legal thing the ADRL has going and of course I would like to run some PMRA events.  But at this time I definitely will not be running any NHRA Pro Mod races because of the current rules for turbo and nitrous cars.”

Ray Commisso drove supercharged Pro Mod cars for R2B2 Racing for about three seasons

Commisso also confirmed that he will be naming additional crewmembers as well as sponsors at a later date. 

Posted by:  Bruce Biegler

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