After coming very close already, Alberta’s Barry Daniluk is seeking some historical stature with his Top Sportsman 1968 Camaro……

Barry Daniluk

Barry Daniluk

The Red Deer, Alberta driver attended the recent PDRA 1/8th mile Spring Nationals at Rockingham Dragway where he attempted to do something that no other racer has ever done — put a naturally aspirated and automatic transmission race car – into the 3 seconds zone.

At the PDRA event held in Rockingham one year prior Daniluk was credited with 4.017 secs at 180.19 mph. While not exactly a high profile motorsports media recognized record – regardless of that — the run has stood the test of time.  And ever since, it has remained the single quickest run for this type of race car configuration. At Rockingham 2015, Barry returned with a very clear objective — break into the 3-seconds zone.

“Last year we raced with a 932 CID – but this year we have a new 978 CID motor,” Daniluk revealed. “Both are the same engine platforms by Ron Miller. The car is the fastest ever naturally aspirated car with an automatic (a Rossler Turbo 400) to the 1/8th mile mark in history — but we are looking to be the first in the 3’s”

At Rockingham last week through a combination very warm atmospheric conditions followed by some mechanical breakage – Daniluk fell short of that objective — running a best of 4.059 secs – before withdrawing from competition.

But his season plans for the rest of 2015 include an additional 6 scheduled PDRA events during which he and his racing partner Gord Reiser (Rimby AB) will continue to refine their combination to achieve that 1/8th mile performance objective.

You are looking at the world's quickest naturally aspirated/automatic to the 1/8th mile mark.

You are looking at the world’s quickest naturally aspirated/automatic to the 1/8th mile mark.

Post and photos by: Bruce Biegler