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Kaase Racing Engines introduces new XPS Challenge….ADRL and Ram Clutches renew partnership….

Jon Kaase Racing Engines Debuting Kaase Tuning Challenge For XPS At Inaugural Northeast Drags

Jon Kaase Racing Engines is helping to bring even more excitement to Extreme Pro Stock qualifying sessions at each American Drag Racing League (ADRL) event.

ADRL's Extreme Pro Stock Class has a new program

The world’s premier eighth-mile drag racing league announced on Wednesday that Jon Kaase Racing Engines will be the sponsor of the Kaase Tuning Challenge in Extreme Pro Stock, which will pay out a $500 bonus to the crew chief and team who has the lowest combined E.T. of all four qualifying sessions.

“I think the guys in the class will like this a lot,” Jon Kaase Racing Engines Owner Jon Kaase said. “It’s really a crew chief’s award in a way. To be the quickest car over four runs, you can’t make any poor runs.  “You have to run well during every qualifying attempt and that says a lot about the car and the people working on it. We want to add a little more excitement for the guys during qualifying.”

The Kaase Tuning Challenge will differ from Low Qualifier Programs in other ADRL classes that award the quickest single run during qualifying. For this challenge, all four qualifying sessions will count, creating an even more competitive atmosphere in one of the tightest racing classes in the ADRL.

“Something like this is always fun and it usually always comes down to the last round of qualifying,” Kaase said.

The Kaase Tuning Challenge will start at the Penske Truck Leasing Inaugural Northeast Drags on May 6-7 at Maple Grove Raceway, which is the third race on the nine-stop 2011 ADRL Tour.

“It’s going to be a lot of fun to watch,” Kaase Racing Engines Project Manager Cliff Moore said. “It’s all about making a perfect run every time. Everything has to be perfect.”

JKRE are at the heart of numerous XPS cars, including class standouts like Brian Gahm, the winningest XPS driver in ADRL history, Bob Bertsch, Trevor Eman and Cale Aronson.  With more than a dozen XPS teams using the engines, it’s a testament to the time and detail put into each powerful product. JKRE sees the tuning challenge as a way to give back to a class that continues to thrive in the ADRL.

“This is the place for Pro Stock racing. It’s a fun place to race and the ADRL is doing a great job,” Moore said. “I expect great racing all year and we want the class to prosper.”

ADRL And RAM Clutches Continuing Partnership For 2011 Tour

Continuing a close partnership that was first formed in 2009, the American Drag Racing League (ADRL) is pleased to announce that noted clutch manufacturer RAM Clutches has signed on as a Performance Partners sponsor for the 2011 season.

Regarded as the future of clutch technology for its innovative designs, working with the world’s premier eighth-mile drag racing league has become an ideal relationship for RAM Clutches.

“We are excited to be involved with the ADRL again in 2011. The ADRL has a great vision for doorslammer racing and we want to do our part to see that it carries on into the future,” RAM Clutches’ Pat Norcia said.

“It’s amazing to see the growth of the ADRL since it started in 2004. To see it become what it is today in such a short amount of time is just incredible.”

RAM has been a go-to name in the clutch business for numerous drivers in the ADRL, including 2010 Extreme Pro Stock (XPS) World Champion John Montecalvo and 2010 Pro Nitrous (PN) World Champion Burton Auxier.
In fact, RAM was the choice of all eight drivers who competed in the XPS “Battle For The Belts” last October, and five of the eight drivers in PN.

With an abundance of ADRL competitors using RAM, it was natural for the two companies to form a partnership.
“It’s been an excellent fit,” Norcia said. “All of the classes in the ADRL fit our demographics with the products we build. “These classes continue to develop and it’s hard to beat watching them race. It’s very exciting to see them go up and down the track.”

Norcia and RAM get a first-hand experience at each ADRL event as well, as RAM continues to have a noticeable presence at each event.  RAM will be in attendance for this weekend’s Penske Truck Leasing Inaugural Northeast Drags at Maple Grove Raceway, offering trackside support to its impressive number of customers.
“That’s the most enjoyable part of the job, going to the events, lending a hand to our customers and seeing them make a great run,” Norcia said.

The massive crowds that make up each ADRL event have also benefitted RAM in a strong way.
With clutches and car components available to everyone from professional racers to street car drivers, RAM’s full product line has its place at an ADRL event.

“The ADRL has brought a lot of new fans to the races and that allows us to reach out to fans and create new customers,” Norcia said. “We’re not just supporting the racers. Someone who has a street car can buy RAM products.”

The Columbia, S.C.-based business continues to be on the cutting edge of development as well, finding new materials to use on products to help performance and durability.

“Everyone at RAM Clutches has done an amazing job and we are so excited to be working with them again in 2011,” ADRL Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing Brian Evans said. “They are great people and the performance of their products speak for themselves.”


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