ADRL To Experiment with “Legal” Pro Mods  

In what may prove to be a glimpse into the not too distant future, the American Drag Racing League (ADRL) has revealed plans for a  8-car “Legal” Pro Modified exhibition at its upcoming August event, the Speedtech U.S. Drags IV, which takes place August 12-13 at Virginia Motorsports Park (VMP) in Petersburg, Va….

The widely-popular Pro Modified class, which boasts a rich doorslammer racing history, will mix supercharged, nitrous and turbo cars into one incredibly competitive division, adding even more excitement to the ADRL’s fast-paced racing weekend.  

 “It’s going to be a major thrill for fans to be able to watch turbo cars racing against nitrous cars and supercharger cars on a level playing field,” ADRL Director of Competition Tom Grooms said. “There’s a lot of these cars around and the Pro Modified class has a long and storied history.  “It’s important for us to give them a place to race and a place to compete. The racing will be incredible, the track will be outstanding and we are going to love having these cars in the ADRL.”

NHRA's Pro Mod brand cars may well have an alternative place to race in the future

There will be a minimum weight requirement for cars running in this exhibition event, and the ADRL will adhere to the current NHRA Pro Modified rulebook during the eight-car race.

The special exhibition is only scheduled to run at VMP, but its inclusion into the ADRL’s thrilling racing program at the Speedtech U.S. Drags IV sets up the strong possibility of adding yet another new ADRL class in the future.

In June, the ADRL announced the official addition of Top Sportsman as a class.  The Speedtech U.S. Drags IV is the sixth stop on the nine-race 2011 ADRL Tour.

“Being the premier doorslammer drag racing league in the world and by now adding the Pro Modified class with this eight-car exhibition, we’ve now got a home for everyone,” Grooms said. “If you’ve got a fast doorslammer, the ADRL now has a class for you.”

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Posted by:  Josh Hachat

Photo by:  Bruce Biegler