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Alberta-based business Ace Manufacturing and their Team Ace Racing subset have never been known to shy away from a challenge.   And their newest on-track racing creation certainly adds to that notion..…

The "Team Ace Racing" all-aluminum Funny Car has been a hot topic for racing in Western Canada

Earlier in 2011, Team Ace Racing, which is spearheaded by company founder and President Harold Parfett, unveiled a very unique first for Canadian drag racing.  Driven by Eddy Plaizier, Parfett’s “Team Ace” rolled out a much revamped version of their popular ’37 Chevy Alcohol Funny Car – now equipped with an all aluminum body.

That body which is totally unique to drag racing is the end product of many thousands of man hours in design and development.   It is in fact a 100% in-house innovation that utilizes the vast expertise of skills available at Ace Manufacturing Ltd., who are industry leaders in metal fabrication. 

Eddy Plaizier prevailed to win the 2011 Rocky Mountain Nostalgia Funny Car Championship

Since its debut last Spring, the car has been the talk of pit area and a popular attraction this season during numerous Western Canadian racing dates.

“Harold was pretty tired of having to repair fiberglass at the end of every season,” explained Eddy Plaizer, who drives the car primarily within regional 6.9 seconds index competition.  He decided in early 2010 that he wanted to make an all aluminum version Funny Car body.  His company are experts in that department and this was a 1-year project in the making.”

“In fact the car is now about 100 lbs lighter,” Eddy continued.  “The body is now much more durable and the aerodynamics are also improved.  With the same chassis the car ran before it is now faster and more stable then it was.  It is doing pretty much exactly what we wanted it to do.”

The car now has a different look and stance overall when compared to the former fiberglass version which featured rather smooth and custom car lines.  It is now narrower and the car sits a bit higher giving it an overall and very cool AA/FA* look and feel.

*There are however no plans (just yet) to add any nitromethane to the equation – however we at DragRaceCanada on behalf of all drag racing fans would strongly  encourage that notion (LOL!).

“I believe this is the first aluminum bodied Funny Car in the world – I’m not aware of another one,” stated Harold Parfett.  “We are very proud of it.”

A lot of credit for the car must also go to Harold’s brother Dave Parfett, who oversaw all the intricacies of the aluminum rolling and forming. 

Certified drag racing "gear head" Harold Parfett

“We raced the fiberglass ’37 Chevy for about five seasons but I wanted to preserve that body,” Harold added.  “My brother is very skillful at making my thoughts and ideas become reality.  We have about 800 square feet within our plant which is what I like to call our racing rumpus room.  This race car project came right out of that.”

As expected by most, the new car did enjoy a very successful racing season.  Driving it, Plaizer prevailed to take the overall Rocky Mountain Nostalgia Funny Car circuit championship points title.

The all aluminum Funny Car is a continuation of the many interests in drag racing for Harold Parfett.   He is also involved as a sponsor with the Top Dragster, Super Comp and Stock eliminator cars driven by Eddy Plaizier and his daughter and son Frankie and Casey. 

Also new for the self-admitted “gear head” for 2011 was sponsorship backing for Edmonton-based Nathan and Troy Sitko, who are carrying forward their great Western Canadian racing family tradition this year.  Those brothers began running a nitro-burning Plymouth Arrow Nostalgia Funny Car – sponsored by Ace Manufacturing.

Nathan & Troy Sitko's new fuel-burning Arrow also receives backing from Ace Manufacturing Metals Ltd.

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Posted by:  Bruce Biegler

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