Canada’s “Ace” Ambassador

By:       Bruce Biegler

Canada needs a few more good men like him.   Alberta’s Harold Parfett, the founder and President of Ace Manufacturing, is doing his part in helping to chart and support and important chapter of Canadian drag racing history….

For Harold Parfett, his influence within the Western Canadian drag racing scene has and is significant.  Not only does the self-admitted “car nut” help to fund the fate of some race tracks and racing organizations, he is also deeply involved with his own racing team (s). 

Harold Parfett

Currently his “Team Ace Racing” group, is a first class multi-car race team which features his 1937 Chevy nostalgia funny car driven by Eddy Plaizier, and former 3X IHRA World Alcohol Funny Car Champion Rob Atchison’s “West Coast car” a 2007 Chevy Monte Carlo-bodied TAFC.   Harold also likes dragsters.  Eddy Plaizier drives the Team Ace Top Dragster while his daughter, Frankie Plaizier wheels the team’s Super Comp classed dragster.  

Sandstar Racing, which is Harold’s company based from Las Vegas, is also an on-going project.  That team features Eddy’s son Casey Plaizier who drivers an EFI Firebird Stock eliminator car.  Also under that label is an “original 48 Anglia” Super Gasser which is driven by Eddy himself.   That team maintains a tough schedule too, attending numerous NHRA national and divisional events each year. 

Upon reflection, Parfett traces back to drag racing’s ultimate name – “Big Daddy” Don Garlits.  It is Garlits himself that is responsible for Harold’s deep rooted involvement and personal passion in the straight-line sport.

“Back in 1966 when I was 15 years old I was at Edmonton Speedway during some of its greatest days,” he revealed.  “I got picked out of the crowd by “Big” himself and he gave me a black & white photo which he signed.  I was just a farm boy at the time and I couldn’t believe it.  That photo is still coveted today.  I remember Don telling me that if I worked hard – someday I could have a race car – maybe two.  I remember on the ride home from the track that day thinking about it.  From that moment I was a drag racer and hooked forever.”

Eddy Plaizier drives the ultra-cool Team Ace '37 Chevy

Fast forward a few years and Harold took a firm grasp of control for his future when he   establishing Ace Manufacturing (Bitten Lake, AB) in his garage back in 1977.  That company has since grown exponentially, now making some 30,000 world class products (for the electrical industry) and employing 80.  Ace Manufacturing just recently celebrated its 34th anniversary of operations.

“The business is now built to a point that it will allows me to do what I want at the race car end,” Harold continued.  “I have a passion for this sport, for its future and for its survival.  Supporting Canadian drag racing is what I would like to do.”

Harold Parfett has a number of side projects on the go to – all of which are impressive and creative.  In addition to nurturing his Team Ace Racing to higher levels in competition, Parfett is building a growing car collection and is pioneering some new drag racing innovations.

“I have plans to build a new Hot Rod shop next year to house everything in my collection,” he added.  “I don’t want to call it a museum but it will feature period correct race cars, muscle cars and collector cars.”

One of Harold’s most recent acquisitions was the 6th generation “Royal Canadian” Top Fuel dragster that Terry Capp drove a few seasons ago.  He is also in the midst of building a radical 1400 HP twin turbo Chevy Tahoe and developing an “all aluminum” light weight ’37 Chevy nostalgia Funny Car body.  And that list goes on and on.

Harold likes dragsters -- he recently acquired the TF car formally driven by Terry Capp

“Being involved in the metal business gives us some more flexibility, Harold said.  “My brother (Dave) is very skilled at taking my thoughts and ideas and making them reality.  I enjoy making parts and modifying things to make them better.  We have some square footage at the plant – I call it my rumpus room – which is dedicated to our car projects.”

Harold is particularly proud of his racing team and he has surrounded himself with some of Canada’s most accomplished and talented drag racers.   He is pleased with the addition of Rob Atchison to his Top Alcohol Funny Car racing equation, a relationship that is now in year number two.

Parfett is helping Rob Atchison chart a future in NHRA TAFC

“Rob is trying very hard with his crew in the TAFC class,” Harold added.  “Rob is a terrific young man with a lot of focus.  I do hope we can get to those low numbers that we need to be competitive in that category.  When the IHRA dropped the AFC class that put him in a tough spot — so I thought we should support him.”

There it is again – that word – support.  

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