Canada’s Drag Racing Underground!

By:  Bruce Biegler

While not always immediately apparent, the Canadian drag racing scene does extend well beyond the traditional lines of NHRA and IHRA sanctioned racing facilities….

It is true that the higher profile race tracks the likes of Mission, Edmonton, Grand Bend and Cayuga do gather the majority of Motorsports media attention, it is also true that there is a thriving and prominent underground movement within Canada’s straight-line sport.

From coast-to-coast across our country there are car clubs and groups of various degrees that have emerged — all of which have a drag racing element to them.   Each year these clubs and organizations are hosting some impressive independent events that are officially unsanctioned. 

Many of these races, which are presented in conjunction with special arrangements being made with various regional airports, are becoming more of the norm versus an oddity.  

That flexibility does creates numerous positives for our sport; including helping to curtail illegal street racing, providing grassroots racers with a more affordable local venue, and helping to fuel the system for new and emerging Canadian drag racers.   The obvious and favorable economic impact these events have within each of these local communities also goes without saying.

It’s probably a shame that currently neither the NHRA nor IHRA pay any real attention to this phenomena.  Undoubtedly, for them, liability would be the first issue of concern as the racing surfaces and facilities, many of which are just temporary, would probably be an issue, not meeting required stricter insurance minimums.   That being said, with ever waning car counts for most of their own races, the NHRA and IHRA could and should probably do more to help feed the system.    While they may not choose to actually sanction these events, they could by association show support.   The reality is that some past, current and future Sportsman racers do have their DNA intertwined within this movement.

While most of these events do go unnoticed from a national media perspective, DragRaceCanada is of the opinion that they are part of an important overall impact.  We have in the past posted previews and results from some airport events, example North Bay Ontario and Grand Prairie, Alberta.  Our plans going forward are to continue that effort and expand it.  We do invite and encourage event organizers to keep us informed by sending us event releases and results.  (Submissions should be sent to:

Recently at the suggestion of and with the help of Cal Bellamey, owner of highly reputed Mopac Auto Supply in Calgary, we did research and compile a rather revealing list of website links to this thriving underground Canadian drag racing scene.  While I am sure that our list is only partial — it makes for some interesting reading to say the least.

Check it out:

(Bruce Biegler Photos)