Canadian Drag Racing’s “Green Ambassador”

For uninformed or maybe novice fans of Motorsports the notion of a connection between the sport of drag racing and care for the environment is probably at first difficult to digest….

Eric Latino's "Team Green" Pro Mod Camaro is helping to spread some very important awareness within Canadian Motorsports

But the reality is that there are emerging drag racers out there whose focus includes helping to spread awareness as the mindset of our world continues to shift to a more environmentally responsible place.

In Canadian drag racing, Eric Latino (from Whitby Ontario) is at the forefront of that very movement.

Eric Latino is a drag racer and a forward thinker.  Not only is he now one of the top-rated Pro Modified class drivers representing our country, he is a smart and successful businessman. Latino is co-founder, President and CEO of Global Emissions Systems Inc. (GESi®).  

Since first coming on the scene a few years ago Eric realized that using the sport of drag racing as a platform could be beneficial.

“I’ve been in the automotive service center and muscle car specialty business since 1985,” Eric revealed.  “Global Emissions originated during Ontario’s Drive Clean program back in 1999.  Part of our company (Redline Performance) specialized in helping to make high performance street cars pass the required Drive Clean inspections.”

“It was probably about that time that the light really went on for me,”  he continued.  “GESi® was formed and we started developing technology that would stand the higher exhaust temperatures that come with performance cars – which basically would liquefy a conventional catalytic converter at the time.  We had a network of people, investors, thermal engineers, chemists and scientists and we rolled out some new products for performance applications.”

Eric Latino is President and CEO of GESi® Inc.

“I’m a firm believer in the notion that “necessity is the Mother of all Invention,” Eric added.  “That’s what happened to us.  We basically went from a performance shop that could not find certain things — so we invented this emission control technology ourselves.”

Fast forward to 2011 and Eric is very proud of how far GESi® technology has advanced.  The end result is that they have tapped into the future.  They now have street exhaust applications that reduce carbon emissions without any loss in horsepower.   

“We have already proven that we can increase performance and reduce the carbon footprint at the same time,” he confirmed.  “And that is on any application – up to a 1000 HP.”

But Latino’s vision for “greener” drag racing continues.  While GESi®continues its growth (including other non-automotive applications such as stationary engines, off road commercial equipment, indoor applications and consumer products) he is an Ambassador at the drag strip on weekends who clearly leads by example. 

Latino’s current racing focus is within the aspiring Eastern Canadian PMRA events where a high priority for his pit area includes proper recycling and safe containment and disposal of all components and running materials.  For 2011 the team has also re-branded themselves:  “Team Green”.  They are sharing their important practices with all the other race teams in the PMRA/Q32/PBSS series’ with a goal of having 100% participation.  

It should not be overlooked too that “Team Green” is also a very formidable opponent within the Canadian Pro Mod drag racing scene.  

The "Team Green" Camaro is in serious contention for the PMRA Championship title this season

 During the past off season Latino’s group, which is comprised of co-crew chiefs Paolo D’Alimonte and Peter Olin, along with crew members Rachael Olin, Matt Latino and Gord Campbell, formed a very strategic new partnership.  They are now aligned with Pro Modified car owners and drag racing proponents Rob and Ann Sporring.   Together they now campaign a highly competitive and state-of-the-art G-Force Race Cars Chevy Camaro.  That machine, which features a supercharged Brad Anderson engine program and ultra light weight body by Cynergy Composites, is both feared by opponents and is presently in very serious contention (tied for 2nd) for the overall 2011 PMRA Championship points title. 

Eric Latino’s GESi® “Team Green” truly does represent the new face of drag racing.

Posted by:  Bruce Biegler

About Global Emissions Systems Inc.:

Global Emission Systems Inc., (GESi®) specializes in the design, engineer and manufacture of world leading emissions control technologies that dramatically reduce smog and greenhouse gas exhaust emissions for any commercial fuel burning engine.  Ten years of research and development produced their patented and proprietary advanced emission reduction technology called Dry Selective Catalyst (DSC) which can reduce up to 99% of hydrocarbons (HC), carbon monoxide (CO) and nitrogen oxides (NOx). 

GESi® technology can be installed at the time of manufacture or can be retrofitted on to any engine application.  GESi® technology has received Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) from ETV Canada and certifications from the United States Environmental Agency (US EPA) and the California Air Resources Board (ARB).  The technology consistently exceeds the most stringent emissions regulations that are emerging round the world.

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