CSCN Preview – Glidden Mustang Heads North

Joe DaSilva’s Canadian Street Car Nationals extravaganza continues to ramp up.  The marquee annual event which is coming soon at Cayuga Dragway will include star circuit racer Billy Glidden…..

Billy Glidden, from Indiana, and who is son to legendary NHRA Pro Stock racer Bob Glidden will race his new Mustang within the event’s headline Outlaw Super Street category.   Glidden will be part of a highly anticipated Canada versus USA battle for superiority in the class which features doorslammer cars capable of 230+ mph terminal speeds.

ADRL 10.5 racer Billy Glidden will be at Cayuga Dragway soon

“This is the third time I will be able to come up for Joe’s race,” said Glidden, “Before that I raced with my Dad in Pro Stock at Sanair many times so I’m really glad to be coming back to Canada.”

Glidden, who is currently a star racer and many time event winner on the 1/8th mile ADRL circuit in the Extreme 10.5 class will be adjusting his car for more conventional racing (1/4 mile) at Cayuga and give it a go.

“We really don’t run the ¼ mile to much any more,” he admitted.  “But the race at Cayuga is basically an outlaw event with ADRL rules to the ¼ mile.  We will have to make our tune-up a bit less aggressive with nitrous and gearing because we will need the motor to last longer.”

Glidden’s Mustang will surely be a major fan attraction at the event.  It is a totally unique application which in fact blends together rather unorthodox with cutting edge technologies.

Glidden's M/T sponsored Mustang is very unique to 10.5 tire class racing

Billy’s Jerry Haas-built Mustang features a very unconventional engine program – a 429 CID Boss Hemi, the same basic motor which his Dad Bob raced in Pro Stock over 25 years before.

“The block and the heads are from 1982,” Billy revealed.  “But it makes a lot of power.  We’ve worked hard at this and we have found what it’s been asking for.  As far as I know we are the only one running this combination on nitrous.  I did see a blown version on another car a while back.”

Billy is also pleased to be representing his valued sponsor Mickey Thompson Tires & Wheels during his only Canadian event appearance of the season (Aug. 26-28th). 

“Mickey Thompson is a huge supporter of 10.5 racing – I would guess that most racers in the class run their tires,” he added.  “We’re very proud to be taking there logo and signage to Canada for them.”

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