Mike Stawicki in his G-Force Race Cars built ’68 Firebird Re-Set the North American Top Speed Record for Doorslammers last weekend at the PMRA/AHRA Nitro Nationals at Toronto Motorsports Park. Sporting a Cynergy Composites ‘Ultra Light’ 50 lb Carbon Fiber ’68 Firebird body, Stawicki and his team pushed the Cynergy Firebird to a 5.80 second run at 255 mph.

Stawicki's Cynergy Composites-bodied Firebird hits record fast terminal speed!

He stated, “This car was as stabile as could be, it drove like a Cadillac right down the blvd!! Not a single panel wavered or changed shape. The 18 inch rear spoiler did it job also. The rear tires were stuck the entire length of the track. I’m happy, say no more”.

  Cynergy’s Ultra Light composite bodies have evolved into quite an amazing product after countless hours of research, development and testing.

Tim Hodgins states, “You always have to push the envelope on your product to get to the next level. Sometimes there is a price to pay for that in the in terms of development. It is frustrating, but in the end the results are always positive. We are delighted about the Ultra light being pushed into new boundaries. It is testament that our product is a front runner in our market place”. This feat was not only accomplished one time either — 5 of the 6 runs that Stawicki made down the track that weekend were over the 250 mile per hour mark.

Jim Salemi, owner of G-Force Race Cars Inc. exclaimed. “We builders now look at the doorslammers through different eyes. There needs to be close attention paid to mounting points, mounting tree structure and number of attachment points with the Ultra Light Composites. It’s definitely not the same old game any more with the rates of acceleration and speeds these door cars run now – everything is getting ‘amplified’. That part of this game needs to be seen through different eyes”.

  Cynergy is ever improving on the composition of its complete product line through in house development and also the rigors of the 1 / 8 and 1 / 4 mile arenas.

YouTube link of 5.82 – 254 mph run (to back up record):


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Cynergy Composites bodies are fast becoming a successful tool for the elite racer.    LIGHTER…STRONGER…FASTER.

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