Demonstration Domination


Acton Ontario-based female racer Tinna Duncanson left all of her male competition in the dust during last weekend’s NHRA Auto-Plus New England Nationals.

Riding her ’12 Ski-Doo, she was a picture of domination while winning the event’s special added attraction Pro Stock Snowmobile exhibition.

Tina won from the pole after setting both low ET and top speed during qualifying (at 8.215 secs and 157.56 mph).   The only Canadian in the 8-sled field, Tinna took out Brian Pretzel and Mark Waken in rounds 1 & 2 before facing Mark Case in the final.   She won that bout rather handily as her equally impressive 8.289 secs at 156.52 easily outdistanced Case’s 9.534 secs at 149.46 mph.  (Dave DeAngelis Photo)